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11/01/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to be constantly happy for 21 births, instil the habit of being soul conscious for this short time.


What interest should each one of you have in order to establish the deity kingdom?


An interest in doing service. Have an interest in how to donate the jewels of knowledge. Your mission is to make impure ones pure. Therefore, in order to make your kingdom expand, you children have to do a lot of service. Wherever fairs etc. take place and wherever people go to bathe, take printed leaflets and distribute them there. Beat the drums there.


Having found You, we have found the world. The earth, the sky all belong to us.

Om Shanti

Incorporeal Shiv Baba sits here and says to you children: Children, may you be soul conscious! Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father: I am a soul and the Father is teaching me. Baba has explained: All the sanskars are in the soul. When it is the kingdom of Maya, Ravan, that is, when the path of devotion begins, you become body conscious. Then, when it is the end of the path of devotion, the Father comes and tells you children: Now become soul conscious. You haven’t benefited at all by chanting mantras, doing tapasya, making donations or performing charity etc. When the five vices entered you, you became body conscious. It is Ravan that makes you body conscious. In fact, you were originally soul conscious and you are now made to practise this again: Consider yourselves to be souls. We have to shed these old bodies and take new ones. These five vices don’t exist in the golden age. Deities, who are called elevated and pure, are constantly happy for 21 births because they are always soul conscious. Then, when it becomes the kingdom of Ravan, you change and become body conscious. These people are called body conscious, whereas they (deities) are called soul conscious. In the incorporeal world, there is no question of being soul conscious or body conscious. That is the silence world. These sanskars only exist at the confluence age. You are made soul conscious from body conscious. In the golden age, because you are soul conscious, you don’t receive any sorrow and you also have the knowledge that you are souls. Here, everyone considers himself to be a body. The Father comes and explains to you: Children, now become soul conscious and your sins will be absolved. You will then become conquerors of sinful actions. You have a body and you also rule the kingdom – you are soul conscious then. Through the teachings you receive, you become soul conscious and remain constantly happy. By being soul conscious your sins are absolved. This is why Baba explains: Continue to remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Those people go to bathe in the Ganges, but neither is that the Purifier, nor is that the fire of yoga through which your sins can be absolved. You children receive a chance to serve at such places. As is the time, so the service you can do. So many people go to bathe there. They go to bathe everywhere at the Kumbha melas. Some go to the sea and some to the rivers. Therefore, you have to print very many leaflets and distribute them to everyone. You should distribute lots of them. Just have the points: Brothers and sisters, just consider this: Can you become pure through the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge, and the rivers that have emerged from Him or through this ocean and rivers of water? If you solve this riddle you can attain liberation-in-life in a second. You can also claim the inheritance of the fortune of the kingdom. Each centre should have such leaflets printed. There are rivers everywhere. Rivers emerge from very far away. There are many rivers everywhere. Why do they then say: “Only by bathing in this river can you become pure?” Why do they especially go to a particular place with so much expense and so much difficulty? It isn’t that by bathing there on that one day they will become pure. They have been bathing for birth after birth. They also bathe in the golden age; they are pure there anyway. Here, even when it is cold, they go through so much difficulty to bathe. Therefore, say to them: Become sticks for the blind! Awaken everyone! The Purifier comes and purifies everyone. So, show the path to those who are unhappy! You should have these small leaflets printed in all languages. You should print one to two hundred thousand. Those whose intellects are intoxicated with knowledge will work. You should have two to three hundred thousand of these pictures in all languages. Go and serve in many different places. The one point is the main one: Come and understand how you can receive liberation and liberation-in-life in a second. Also print the address of the main centre on that, and then it is up to them whether they read it or not. You children should explain the picture of the Trimurti: Establishment through Brahma definitely has to take place. Day by day, people will understand that destruction really is just ahead. All of these wars etc. will continue to increase. There are so many complications about property etc. If they don’t receive it, they even beat up one another. Destruction is definitely just ahead. Those who have studied the Gita and the Bhagawad very well will understand that this truly happened earlier too. Therefore, you children should explain very well whether human beings can become pure from impure by bathing in the rivers of water or whether they will become pure through the fire of yoga. God speaks: By remembering Me, your sins will be absolved. Wherever you have centres, have such leaflets printed on special occasions. Many melas take place where very many people go. However, scarcely anyone would understand this. You also need many people to distribute the leaflets so that they can also explain to others. You should stand at such places. These are the jewels of knowledge. Have a lot of interest in doing service. We are establishing our deity sovereignty. This is the mission to change humans into deities, that is, to purify the impure. You can also write: The Father has explained: Manmanabhav! Remember the Purifier, the unlimited Father, and your sins will be absolved. The point of the pilgrimage is also explained to you children again and again. Repeatedly remember the Father. Experience happiness by remembering Him so that all your pain and suffering of the body ends, that is, you will become ever healthy. The Father has given you the mantra: Remember Me! It isn’t that you have to chant the name of Shiva. The devotees of Shiva sit and turn the beads of a rosary while chanting His name. In fact, it is the rosary of Rudra: of Shiva and the saligrams. At the top is Shiva, and all the rest are small beads, the souls. A soul is such a tiny point. There is also a rosary of black beads. This is why the rosary of Shiva is also created. Souls have to remember their Father. However, you don’t have to chant the name of Shiva with your mouth. By saying “Shiva, Shiva” your intellect’s yoga is diverted to the rosary. No one understands the meaning of this. Your sins are not absolved by chanting the name of Shiva. Those who turn beads of a rosary don’t know that sins are absolved at the confluence age when Shiv Baba comes and directly gives you the mantra: Constantly remember Me alone! No matter how much someone sits and chants the name of Shiva, his sins cannot be absolved. People go and stay at Kashi and continue to chant “Shiva Kashi, Shiva Kashi”. They say that there is the influence of Shiva at Kashi. Very beautiful temples to Shiva have been built. All of that is the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. You can explain that the unlimited Father says: Only by having yoga with Me will you become pure. You children should have an interest in serving. The Father says: I have to purify the impure. You children should also do the service of purifying everyone. Take the leaflets and explain to others. Tell them: Study these very well. Death is just ahead. This is the land of sorrow. Now, by bathing in knowledge just once, you receive liberation-in-life in a second. So, what need is there to go to bathe in the rivers and to wander around? We receive liberation- in-life in a second and this is why we are beating these drums. Otherwise, no one can print such leaflets just like that. You children should have a lot of interest in doing service. The riddles that have been made are for service. There are many who are not interested in serving at all. It doesn’t enter their intellects how to serve. Very good sparkling intellects are needed for this. Those who have the chains of body consciousness on their feet are unable to become soul conscious. It is understood what status these ones will claim; there is mercy for them. It is seen at all centres which students are moving fast in their efforts. Some are uck flowers and others are roses. I am such-and-such a flower. If I don’t do Baba’s service, I should understand that I will become an uck flower. The Father explains to you very well. You are making effort to become like diamonds. Some are true diamonds. Some are diamonds that are dull and rough. Each of you should think for yourself: I have to become like a diamond. Ask yourself: Have I become like a diamond? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Cut away the chains of body consciousness and become soul conscious. Create the sanskars of remaining soul conscious.

2. Have a lot of interest in doing service. Do the service of making impure ones pure in the same way as the Father does. Become a true diamond.


May you be a world transformer who makes your words and deeds elevated with a pure and elevated attitude.

The children who finish their weak attitude and make a vow to have a pure and elevated attitude also see this world as elevated. One’s vision and deeds are connected with one’s attitude. Anything good or bad first enters your attitude and it is then put into your words and deeds. To have an elevated attitude means that your words and deeds are automatically elevated. Vibrations and the atmosphere are created by your attitude. Those who make a vow to have an elevated attitude automatically become world transformers.


Practise being bodiless, without a body, and you will be able to know the feelings in anyone’s mind.


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