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18/01/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to be ever healthy, be in “ever remembrance”. It is only through this pilgrimage of remembrance that a true income is earned and you become satopradhan.


What is the greatest charity? Who can be a called a charitable soul at the confluence age?


To donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge is the greatest charity. At the confluence age charitable souls are those who imbibe the jewels of knowledge. You are now becoming beggars of those perishable jewels and becoming filled with the imperishable wealth of knowledge and becoming wealthy for 21 births.


Who has come in the early morning?

Om Shanti

You children heard the song. When God, the Father, comes and meets souls, human souls forget the consciousness of being human bodies. They have the faith that we souls are children of Shiv Baba. The Father of us souls is speaking through this mouth and we souls are listening through our ears. We have to make effort to instil this habit. The Father says: Sweet children, constantly remember Me alone. At the end, it is this mantra that disciplines the mind that will be useful. You are earning a huge true income through the pilgrimage of remembrance. The more remembrance you have, the more you will continue to become satopradhan and your happiness will continue to increase because this is the pure love between souls and God. You have received Godly instructions: Sweet children, wake up at amrit vela and remember the Father with a lot of love. Baba, You are so sweet. You are making us into the kings of kings and the masters of heaven. We will definitely follow Your shrimat. Baba, You have performed such wonders that You give us the sovereignty of heaven for 21 births. I will surrender myself to You. So, you then have to surrender yourself and not just say it. The more time you spend in remembrance, the more it will influence your whole day. You children have to become soul conscious and also imbibe Godly virtues. To imbibe Godly virtues means to become equal to God, the Father. “A Godly right” means to claim a high status. You have to forget this old world and these old bodies. For this, you have to become a destroyer of attachment. Sweet children, you can check your own degrees: How much remembrance do I have throughout the day? Check your meal times: Did I remain cheerful and stay in remembrance of the Father as I ate my meals? By remembering the Beloved, the attraction will increase, there will be a lot of happiness and you will continue to accumulate a lot. While staying in remembrance, you will shed your old skins and then take new ones. You will become flowers from thorns. The more you practise having remembrance, the more your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. At the end, when you leave your body, let there be remembrance of the Father, remember the mantra that disciplines the mind and then let the breath of life leave the body. By your staying in remembrance, all the rubbish will be burnt and the soul will continue to become pure.

You children now have faith in who it is that is teaching you. A living Diamond is sitting in this living tiny container. He is the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. The true Father gives you true shrimat. Now that you belong to the Father, follow shrimat at every step. Only by having remembrance will your sins be absolved. In order to become ever healthy, be in “ ever remembrance” for only then will your final thoughts lead you to your destination. There is no question of stumbling around in this. Remain silent and study. Remember the one Father; only with remembrance are you able to give the donation of peace to the whole world. Each of you children has to create your own subjects and heirs. You must not miss any murli. The Father explains with a lot of love: Sweet children, have mercy on yourselves. Do not disobey any instructions. Become soul conscious. The Father’s vision is always on those children who have become fragrant flowers, those who have become soul conscious, those who remember the Father and continue to run to wherever they see service. Such serviceable and obedient children are loved by the Father. The Father has such a first-class desire in His heart to make the children ever happy, that the children become worthy and become the masters of heaven.

You children know that there is no happiness in this old world of hell. To attach your heart to anyone in this world means to bring loss to yourself. Let there not be any attachment to anything. Understand that this old world and those old bodies are to finish. Only soul-conscious children remain up above this old world and old bodies. Their intellects are aware that they are guests here for only a few moments and that this is an old shoe. No matter how much soap and powder you apply to them, they are still old bodies. We have to shed them and take new ones. You children are filling your aprons with the imperishable jewels of knowledge here and you then have to donate these jewels of knowledge to others. This is the biggest charity. Imbibe the jewels of knowledge, become charitable souls and then donate to others. You are now becoming beggars of that perishable wealth and becoming wealthy for 21 births with the imperishable wealth of knowledge. At this time, you are having a huge exchange. You give your old bodies, minds and wealth to Baba and Baba then makes you prosperous with the jewels of knowledge. Then through this, you receive new bodies, minds and wealth in the future. You are now fakirs (religious beggars) and you will become wealthy in the future. There are only two things to change from fakirs to wealthy ones: Manmanabhav and madhyajibhav (your aim and objective). While remembering the Father you will become the wealthy ones of heaven. You have come into the lap of the unlimited Father in order to become wealthy from fakir (a beggar).

People go to the centres to you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris to receive the donation of life. It is a great charity to give someone the donation of life. Those who come here receive the fortune of happiness and so the doors should always remain open for them. Make such arrangements that many people come and create their fortune and make their lives like diamonds. Each one has to be looked after with a lot of love so that their feet don’t slip. The more centres there are, the more people will come and receive the donation of life. The serviceable children give the donation of life to many others. Even the Father remembers them: I am seeing which type of flower this one is and what virtues he or she has. The Father knows the stage of all the children; they are numberwise. There is variety in flowers. The fragrant flowers draw others to themselves. Whatever each one is like, they draw the searchlight to themselves accordingly. Seeing the fragrant, virtuous children, the eyes become moist with love and happiness and if such children have any difficulty, the Father gives them a searchlight.

You children should have a lot of love for the Father. If children instantly do whatever Baba says, it would be understood that they have love for the Father, that they are obedient, faithful and follow all instructions. The Father explains with so much love. The Father is the unlimited Businessman. The deal is first-class, but you also need courage. Some children bring a handful of rice, but you must never think that you are giving to Baba. In fact, you are receiving a hundred-fold in return. You have to thank Baba. You should say: Baba, You take two handfuls of rice from us. Thank You that for making us prosperous in the future. However, you need to have an unlimited intellect in this. Achcha.

To the sweetest, serviceable, obedient children, love, remembrance and good morning from the mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Avyakt Versions (Personal meetings)

Now, the Father wants to see all the children in their complete form, but in order to become complete, you will have to see wonderful things because there are practical papers to take to become complete. No matter what type of new or surprising scene comes in front of you, let the scene make you a detached observer and not make you fluctuate. When any such scene comes in front of you, there will be great pleasure in seeing and taking decisions by first sitting on the seat of a detached observer and you won’t then feel afraid. Since everything is already accomplished and victory is fixed, it is not possible for you to be nervous or feel afraid. It is as though you are seeing a scene once again that you have seen many times before. Because of this, there won’t be any thoughts or words such as “What happened? Why did it happen? Can it also be like that? These are new things”. You will be raazyukt (one who works knowing all secrets), yogyukt, a lighthouse and make the atmosphere double light . You will not be afraid. You have this experience, do you not? This is known as experiencing a paper as big as a mountain to be like a mustard seed. Weak ones would experience it to be a mountain and a master almighty authority would experience it to be a mustard seed. Numbers are created on this basis. Numbers are created on you passing the practical papers. Numbers are always given based on the papers. If there are no papers, there are no numbers and this is why elevated effort-makers consider the papers to be a game. One never feels afraid of playing a game. Games are entertainment. Achcha.

Do all of you know the date of destruction? When will destruction take place? Do you want destruction to take place soon? Or, are you beyond the desire of “Yes” or “No” for this? When all Brahmins remain stable in the one determined thought of completing the task of establishment and not of destruction, transformation would be guaranteed already. Keep any special thing as your aim for becoming complete, fix a date, “It has to happen” and you will then become complete. Now, you do not collectively have one determined thought for transformation and this is why the atmosphere does not become powerful. Because of being in the minority, when you do this, it is not seen in the atmosphere in a practical way. Therefore, now make such a programme and let the task of the special group be special; demonstrate this with determination. In the beginning, in order to increase enthusiasm for making effort, groups were created and they used to race in effort; they would give co-operation to one another and increase enthusiasm. Similarly, now create groups of intense effort-makers who take the responsibility of demonstrating doing whatever they say. In the beginning, you used make the promise to the Father for purity, that you would die, you would tolerate, take beatings, leave your home but that you would always observe the promise for purity. Such a gathering of lionesses became the instruments for the task of establishment. They demonstrated this without thinking about anything, without considering anything else, but just demonstrated it. Similarly, such a group is needed now. In order to fulfil the aim you have kept, you will tolerate, renounce, listen to whatever good or bad anyone says, pass any tests, but you will definitely fulfil the aim and not be stopped by anything. When such a group becomes a sample, others will follow them. Whatever happened in the beginning will happen at the end. A group of such ones who will overcome praise and defamation, respect and insult has to come onto the field, to listen to anything and tolerate any situation in any way; this much has to be done. No matter how much good you do, those who do good have to listen to more and they have to tolerate more. Let there be a group with such power to tolerate. In the beginning, a group who made a vow of purity came onto the field and so establishment took place. Similarly, now let this group come onto the field so that completion can take place. Can you see such a group? They create a parliament, so this is the parliament to become complete. Let there be a parliament that makes laws for the new world and a new life. We shall now see which group you create. Foreigners, you too have to make a group like this. Demonstrate this by becoming true Brahmins. As soon as you arrive at wherever you go, let them feel that the incarnations have incarnated. If one incarnation can bring about a revolution in the world, imagine how big a revolution would be created when so many incarnations come down. You are the incarnations who will bring about a revolution in the world. Carry out your tasks while considering this. Achcha.

Essence for Dharna:

No specific Dharna Points on Avyakt Divas

No specific Dharna Points on Avyakt Divas


May you be a spiritual server who attracts everyone with your attractive stage.

Spiritual servers can never think that there isn’t any growth in service or that they cannot find anyone who wants to listen to this. There are many who want to listen, but you just have to make your spiritual stage attractive. Since a magnet is able to pull something towards itself, can your spiritual power not pull souls? Become magnets who have such a spiritual attraction that souls will automatically be attracted and come to you. This is the service that you spiritual, server children have to do.


In order to become an embodiment of solutions continue to give love and respect to everyone.


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