bk murli

09/01/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, while doing your work, let your intellects remain connected in yoga with the one Father. This is the true pilgrimage. Never become tired of this pilgrimage.


What power do you need in Brahmin life in order to make progress?


The power of the blessings of many souls is the way to make progress. The more you benefit others by donating the jewels of knowledge that you receive from the Father, the more blessings you will receive from many souls. Baba advises you children: Children, if you have money, continue to open centres. Open a hospital-cum-university. You will receive blessings from whoever receives benefit there.


O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off!

Om Shanti

The meaning of the song should automatically enter the intellects of you children. We are all spiritual travellers at the moment. Souls have to go to God, the Father. It wouldn’t be said that embodied souls have to go to Him. Embodied souls have to leave their bodies and return home. When a person dies, people say that he has become a resident of Paradise. However, you know that everyone has to take rebirth according to good and bad sanskars. You have a burden of sins on your heads because of bad sanskars. It is a burden from this birth and from many other births. All of those sins have to be burnt away with the power of yoga. To remember the Father is called the fire of yoga. By sitting on the pyre of lust you have become sinful souls and the sins that have accumulated have to be burned away in the fire of yoga. So, you Brahmin children know that you are travellers. While living at home with the families and doing your business, your intellects are connected in yoga with the Father, and so it is as though you are on a pilgrimage. You mustn’t become tired of this. A lot of effort is required. Knowledge is very easy. There is a lot of praise of the yoga of ancient Bharat. However, those who relate the Gita never say that Shiv Baba taught that yoga. In the Gita, Krishna is portrayed as sitting and relating it to Arjuna alone. It isn’t like that. This is changing from a human into a deity. There is definitely also the Pandava Army. It is the Pandavas Army that receives knowledge, and the Father of the Pandavas who gives it. People don’t know anything. As you progress further, many people will say that the God of the Gita truly did give knowledge 5000 years ago. However, they don’t know now who gave it. They don’t even know the duration of the cycle. They continue to have their own opinions. They have the Gandhi Gita, the Tagore Gita and all of them say God Krishna speaks to Arjuna. They even show the war. However, there is no question of war. Here, for you, it is a question of the power of yoga. They have mentioned the name of a war, just as they have given the moon-dynasty Rama a bow and arrow. In fact, it is a matter of the arrow of knowledge, but they gave him that symbol because he failed. Therefore, the picture of the silver-aged Rama and Sita also has to be shown. There are the different clans: the sun dynasty, the moon dynasty. It is not written in the Gita that God spoke the Gita and established the sun and moon-dynasty kingdoms. The Gita is definitely the scripture of the original eternal deity religion. They call themselves Hindus. They cannot call themselves those of the deity religion because they are impure. When they say, “Maya is false, the body is false and the world is false”, that is absolutely correct. Only those who are false would live in the world of falsehood. In the land of truth, there is truth. The One who establishes the land of truth tells you the truth. Bharat, that was worthy of worship, has now become a worshipper. They are worshipping the worthy-of-worship ones who existed in the past. The clan of those who were worthy of worship has now become that of worshippers. This is why it is sung: You yourself are worthy of worship and are also a worshipper. There used to be the dynasty of those who were worthy of worship and now, in the iron age, there is the dynasty of worshippers, the shudras. There are the sun-dynasty and moon-dynasty clans. You children have to explain that Bharat was like that. There are the images. In the golden age, Bharat was very prosperous. No one knows this unlimited history and geography. It is essential to explain these clans. We Brahmins are the highest on high. This is called the new, elevated clan. When they arrange marriages, they look for the right clan. Your clan is the most elevated. Although there are many of those brahmins in the world, at the confluence age, the children of Brahma are the Brahmin clan. They don’t know that; this is something new. People think that perhaps we have created our own new Gita. You children know that the Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. We are once again becoming deities. No one else can say that they are establishing a kingdom. They simply sit and relate stories of those who have been in the past and gone. Here, we sing praise of only the Gita. This is why people think that we only believe in the Gita. You know that that is the Gita of the path of devotion. However, you are now listening to the Gita directly from the One who spoke it. The army of monkeys is also very well known. They show the image: Hear no evil, see no evil… You wouldn’t say this of monkeys; it must surely refer to human beings. Although their faces are like human beings, their characters are like those of monkeys. This is why it is said to human monkeys: Hear no evil! Close your ears! You children know that this is an old body and that something or other will continue to happen. When someone’s wife dies, he would say: “The old shoe has gone”, and so he will buy another one. Shiv Baba wants an old shoe. He is not going to enter a new shoe, that is, a new body. The one who was the newest of all has now become old. Baba says: This one is the number one to take 84 births; the one who is the number one pure soul, full of all virtues has to become impure; only then can he become pure again. There is the account of 84 births. You yourself are worthy of worship and also a worshipper. When that Shri Narayan becomes a worshipper, he sits and worships the image of Narayan. It is a wonder! Even in his last birth he used to worship Lakshmi and Narayan. However, when he saw that Lakshmi was massaging Narayan’s feet as though she were his servant, he didn’t like that. So he had Lakshmi removed from that picture and kept the picture of just Narayan. From being a worshipper that same soul then becomes worthy of worship. The same applies to you; there wouldn’t be just one. Children born in the golden age would be princes and princesses. The Father is now decorating you children in order to take you back home. You know that you are becoming the masters of heaven. You will take rebirth in the golden age. Establishment is now taking place. You know that there truly was an unshakeable, constant kingdom of peace and happiness. You can explain to anyone that you are studying Raja Yoga in a practical way. Some people say that when they went to a particular holy person they experienced a lot of peace. However, that is temporary, momentary peace. Perhaps 10 or 20 people would experience that. Here, it is a question of the whole world. Only in the golden age can there be true peace. Those children who are sensible are making effort exactly as they did in the previous cycle. When some of the new gopikas receive knowledge while sitting at home, the mercury of their happiness rises. Yesterday, a couple came to meet Baba. Baba explained to them: Children, will you not claim your unlimited inheritance from the Father? You have been choking in hell for half the cycle and have become unhappy. Now, can you not renounce poison for one birth? Will you not become pure in order to become the masters of heaven? They said that it was difficult. Baba said: A worldly brahmin tied you in bondage to sit on the pyre of lust. Now sit on the pyre of knowledge and become an emperor and empress of heaven. They replied: You will have to help us. Baba said: If you continue to remember Shiv Baba, you will definitely receive help. They replied: Yes, I will remember Him. He immediately tied on the bracelet and also put Shiv Baba’s ring on each of them. This is Bap and Dada. The unlimited Father says: Children, if you don’t become pure you won’t be able to go to heaven. By not becoming pure in this last birth, you will lose the kingdom. Can you not become pure for this short time? Baba is decorating you with knowledge and yoga and you then become like Lakshmi and Narayan. If you don’t listen to the Father, it would be understood that there is no greater fool in the world than you. One type are limited fools and the other type are unlimited fools. Those who spoil the atmosphere cannot sit here. Dirty, impure ones cannot sit in the gathering of swans. The Father decorates you so much and makes you become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Then Maya makes you completely poverty-stricken, not worth a penny. Even if someone has five million, he is not worth a penny because all of that is going to be burnt away. Only the true income will go with you. Baba advises you: Children, continue to open centres. Sit and decorate human beings. However, those who open universities-cum-hospitals have to be good so that they can explain to others. Or else, they can open one and then give it to others to sit and explain there. Then the person who opened it would also become filled with blessings from those who go there; he would receive power from that. That is benefit for 21 births. Is there anyone who would not follow the Father’s shrimat? You should follow the Father’s shrimat at every step. There will of course be obstacles. There are so many assaults on the gopikas in bondage. One has to be fearless here. The praise of the Father is: The Fearless One who is free from any animosity. We don’t have animosity towards anyone. The Father decorates you and so you should accept His service. Baba, why would we not follow Your shrimat? There is a lot of benefit for us in doing that, and, after us, our children etc. will even benefit. Show everyone the path to go on the true pilgrimage. If there is any quarrelling, the poor, innocent mothers have to tolerate it. If they don’t accept you, then you can understand that they don’t belong to your clan. You do have to make effort. There might be someone who belongs to our clan who may even become worthy of becoming a subject. Even if you make others worthy of becoming subjects, it is good. Subjects have to be created as well. No one, apart from the Father, can carry out the task of changing humans into deities. You Brahmins are the highest on high. Those people are lower. You are swans and they are storks. Therefore, there will definitely be quarrels. There will also be assaults. Maya, Ravan has ruined everyone. The Father comes and makes you prosperous. He makes you solvent. Later, you will have your sovereignty. Bharat becomes prosperous after the war. They don’t know that Bharat becomes heaven after the great, violent war. So, you children now have to make very good effort. Your lectures also have to be refined. Blow the conch shell. Otherwise, it would be said that you don’t have a conch shell. Although you might be like a lotus and also have a discus, you don’t have a conch shell. Baba says: I only love knowledgeable souls. Gopikas also became very intoxicated with the flute (murli). Krishna did not play the flute. This is the final birth of the Shri Krishna soul who has been around the cycle and is now receiving knowledge. You know that this world is old and has to be divorced. You are now becoming the masters of the new world. You divorce the old world before destruction. If you don’t divorce it, you won’t be able to have yoga with the new world. You have experienced sorrow in the land of Ravan for 63 births. Now divorce it! Divorce everything including your body and then, only you, the soul alone, will come to Me. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become a knowledgeable soul and blow the conch shell. Teach everyone the true pilgrimage. Create your subjects.

2. Divorce the old world from your intellect and connect your intellect in yoga with the new world. Become fearless and free from any animosity.


May you experience the company of the Father as your Companion in every action and become an embodiment of success.

The easiest and constant way to have remembrance is to experience the Father’s company. To experience His company liberates you from any effort for remembrance. When you are with Him, there is remembrance, but this company is not the company where He would be just sitting with you, for the Companion means the Helper. Someone who is with you can be forgotten, but the Companion cannot be forgotten. So, the Father is such a Companion in every action that He makes difficult things easy. When you constantly experience the company of such a Companion, you will then become an embodiment of success.


In order to become a special soul, only see and speak of specialities.


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