bk murli

12/01/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, it is now your stage of retirement. Therefore, remember the one Father, and make preparations to go to the land beyond sound (nirvana).


Who does the Father not discriminate between?


He doesn’t discriminate between the poor and the wealthy. Each one of you has the right to claim a high status on the basis of the effort you make. As you progress further, each of you will have a vision of your status. Baba says: I am the Lord of the Poor and this is why all the desires of the poor children become fulfilled. This is the final period. Some people’s wealth will remain buried underground, some will be looted by the Government. Those who insure everything with the Father make everything they have worthwhile.


At last the day for which we had been waiting has come!

Om Shanti

The meaning of this is very simple. Everything has to be understood in a second. Claim your inheritance from the Father in a second. You children know that the unlimited Father has already come, but not all of you have firm faith in this all the time. In worldly relationships, when a mother is to have a baby, it is immediately understood that the mother will give birth and will then sustain the baby. So, here, too, this should be understood very quickly. You children now know that God will come after the path of devotion. No one in the world, apart from you children, knows for how long the path of devotion continues or when it starts. You can tell everyone when the path of devotion began. People say that it has continued from time immemorial. There are definitely the two things: knowledge and devotion. They say that it has continued eternally but they don’t understand the meaning of “eternal”. The cycle of the drama continues to turn eternally; it has no end or beginning. People continue to tell lies. Sometimes they say, “It has been this many years”, and sometimes they say, “It has been that many years”. The Father comes and tells you everything. No one can attain the Father by reading the scriptures etc. The Father can be attained in a second. It is said: “Liberation-in-life in a second”. No one knows when the Father comes. They have lengthened the duration of the cycle. The Father knows and the children know everything, but the wonder is that some don’t have full faith even after 10 to 20 years. After having had faith, no one can say: This is not my Father. It is very easy. It has taken some of you a long time to become the children. There isn’t full faith even after 10 or 20 years. You now give the introduction to someone and he is able to have faith in a second. The story of King Janak is of the later period, because, day by day, everything continues to become easier. Very good points also continue to emerge and so someone is able to have faith very quickly. The Father says: Children, may you be bodiless! Renounce all the innumerable religions of the body. Originally, there was just the one religion. There is growth from one. This is the human world variety tree; it refers to human beings. You also have to know the tree of the variety of religions. They have religious conferences, but they don’t know what the first worthy-of-worship religion is. It should enter your intellects that the ancient religion is of Bharat, and so the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, must definitely have created that ancient religion. The birthday of Shiva is remembered in Bharat. There are so many temples. The biggest temple, the land of nirvana, is that of the Father and you souls who also reside there with the Father. A temple is a place of residence. So that great element is such a big temple! It should enter your intellects that the element of brahm, which is the highest temple of all, is the place of residence of all of us. The sun and moon don’t exist there because there is no night or day there. In fact, our spiritual temple is the land of nirvana. That is Shivalaya, the Temple of Shiva, where we reside with Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba says: I am the Resident of that Shivalaya. That is the unlimited Shivalaya. You children of Shiva also reside there. That is the incorporeal Shivalaya. Then, when you come into the corporeal world, your place of residence would be created here. Shiv Baba is now here and is sitting in this body. This is the living Shivalaya to whom you can talk. That land of nirvana is also Shiv Baba’s Shivalaya where we souls reside. Everyone remembers that home. We come from there to play our parts. Everyone has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. This is not in the intellect of anyone in the world. All souls have received eternal parts which have no beginning or end. You children know that you are originally residents of that Shivalaya. The heaven that Shiv Baba establishes is also called Shivalaya; it is heaven and is established by Shiv Baba. It is the children who live there too. How did they receive their fortune of the kingdom? That was the beginning of the golden age and it is now the end of the iron age. So, who created the deities, the masters of heaven of the golden age? Here, too, there are so many beautiful lands. America is a first-class land. They have a lot of money and also a lot of power. It is the highest at this time. It has the omens of Jupiter. However, together with that, it also has the omens of Rahu. At this time, there are the omens of Rahu over everyone. There has to be destruction for everyone. Bharat, that was the wealthiest of all, has now become poor. All of this is the pomp of Maya. There is the full force of Maya and this is why people consider it to be heaven. Look at what there is in America! People are so attracted by it all. Look how fashionable Bombay has become! It was not like that earlier. There is the full pomp of Maya. They build eight or ten storey buildings. There won’t be so many multi-storey buildings in heaven. There, there won’t even be double- storey buildings. They only build them here because there is no land. The cost of land has increased a great deal. Therefore, people think that is heaven. They continue to make plans. However, there is the saying: Man wants one thing and something else happens! People have so many worries. There is death for everyone. There is the noose of death around everyone’s neck. You are also now on the gallows. Your intellects are connected to the new world. It is now the time for everyone to go into the stage of retirement and this is why the Father says: Now, remember Me! I Myself give you directions: It is now the stage of retirement for all of you and I have come to take all of you back home. You will all have to return like a swarm of mosquitoes. The cycle of 84 births has now come to an end. Now remember Me while alive. We are sitting ready to go to heaven while alive. No one else is making preparations to go to heaven. If they had the happiness of going to heaven, they wouldn’t look for cures for their illnesses etc. You know that they don’t go to heaven. We are now going to our sweet home. That is the home of God, the Father, the spiritual Shivalaya. The golden age is called the physical Shivalaya. We are making effort to go to that heaven. Baba has explained that the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma are very well known. I come when the night comes to an end. It wouldn’t be said to be the day and night of Lakshmi and Narayan. Although they are the same ones, it is Brahma who has knowledge of the day and night. There, Lakshmi and Narayan don’t have this knowledge and it is therefore Brahma and the Brahmins who understand when it is the night of Shiva. The world does not know these things. Shiva is incorporeal, and so it has to be asked how He can come. You can do a lot of service on the birthday of Shiva. A kingdom is being established. The tree is very small as yet and it does experience storms. Other trees don’t experience as many storms. There, all continue to follow one after another. This is your new birth. The storms of Maya are also in front of you. No one else has to face these storms. Here, you experience storms of Maya in establishing this religion. The destination is very high. To become an emperor of the world is not anything new. You have gone through these storms many times and claimed your fortune of the kingdom. In whatever way someone makes effort others continue to have visions of them. The more progress you make, the more you will have visions of what status each one will claim. Everything can be known about what effort each one makes. It is not a matter of being poor or rich. You also heard the song: At last the day when Baba, the Lord of the Poor, has come! Baba says: I don’t have to give wealth to the wealthy; they are already wealthy. It is heaven for them here; they are millionaires. Earlier, hardly anyone was a millionaire. Now people have millions hidden away in walls. However, none of that will be useful to anyone. The stomach doesn’t need a lot. Those who accumulate wealth by cheating are probably unable to sleep. They worry in case the Government comes to carry out a search. The Father says: Remember that this is the final time. Some people’s wealth will now be buried underground, and some people’s wealth will be looted by the Government. Those who use it in the name of the Lord are able to use it in a worthwhile way. The Lord is now making you into the masters of heaven. You now have to insure yourself with the Father. Death is just ahead. All your desires are now being fulfilled. The Father uplifts the poor. A thousand rupees of a wealthy person are equal to one rupee of a poor person. Generally, it is the poor ones who come. Some would earn 100 rupees and others would earn 150. Some people in the world have millions. It is heaven for them here. They would never come here, nor does Baba need them. Baba would say: You may build your buildings etc. Open centres. What am I going to do with the money? Sannyasis build many flats etc. They have a lot of property. This chariot is also experienced. I have now come to make the poor ones wealthy. So, now have courage! The money that millionaires have is not going to be of any use. Here, there is no question of money. The Father simply says: Manmanabhav! There is no question of any expense. These buildings have been built are very simple and they are for you to live in till the end. Your memorial exists here. You are now carrying out establishment in the living form. Then, those non-living memorials will be destroyed. You should write that those who have been to Abu and haven’t seen this temple and don’t know their occupation haven’t seen anything. You would say that we are the same ones sitting here now in the living form. We can explain the significance of those non-living images. We say that we are the same ones. Our non-living memorial has been created. This is a wonderful temple! It is a wonder! Mama, Baba and the children are sitting here in the living form. There, there are the non-living images. The main ones are Shiva, Brahma, Jagadamba and Lakshmi and Narayan. Everything is explained so well. Nevertheless, some belong to the Father and then divorce Him. This too is nothing new. Some belong to the Father and then run away. We can even keep pictures of those who have run away. If you have firm faith, then create a picture of your kingdom and you will have the awareness that you are to become double-crowned masters of heaven in the future. If you leave the Father, the crown will fall off. This too is a wonderful thing to understand. Remember the Father! You receive the inheritance from Him. This is called liberation-in-life in a second. Baba is making you worthy for the future. People make donations and perform charity for their next birth. That is temporary attainment. Through this study, you create your reward for your future 21 births. If someone were to follow the directions of this Mother and Father fully, they would be able to go across completely. The Mother and Father would also be happy. If you don’t put it into practice, your status will be reduced. Shiv Baba says: I am altruistic. I am beyond any effect of experience (Abhogta). I don’t eat this toli etc. The sovereignty of the world is also for you. The food and drink too is for you. I am just the Servant. The time for Me to come is also fixed. I give the fortune of the kingdom to My children every cycle and then go and sit in the land of nirvana. No one should forget the Father. The Father has come to give you the sovereignty of heaven. Even then you forget Him. You have been shown a very easy method to give anyone the Father’s introduction. Just ask them: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? What is your relationship with Brahma, the Father of People? Both are fathers. That One is incorporeal and this one is corporeal. If you say that the Father is omnipresent, how could you receive an inheritance? You receive shrimat from God. You become the most elevated by following shrimat. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. While overcoming the storms of Maya, claim your full inheritance from the Father. Put the directions of the Mother and Father into practice.

2. Forget the old world and remember the new world. Insure yourself with the Father before death.


May you be a true server who serves with a feeling of surrender and thereby achieves success.

A true server is one who serves with a feeling of surrender. Let there not be the slightest consciousness of “mine” in service. There cannot be success where there is any consciousness of “mine”. When someone thinks: “This is my work, my idea, my duty”, that consciousness of “mine” creates attachment. However, while living anywhere, let there always be this awareness: “I am an instrument, this is not my home, but a service place”. Then, with this feeling of surrender, you will be humble and free from attachment and achieve success.


Remain constantly on your seat of self-respect and all powers will continue to obey your orders.


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