bk murli


The specialities of a number one fortunate soul.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment and transform your limited responsibilities into unlimited ones.
In order to become a conqueror of attachment, simply transform your form of remembrance. There is attachment when you have the awareness that you are a householder, and that that is your home and they are your relations. Now, transform that limited responsibility into an unlimited one. When you fulfil your unlimited responsibilities, all limited responsibilities will automatically be fulfilled. However, if you forget your unlimited responsibilities and simply fulfil your limited responsibilities, you then spoil them even more because that duty (farz) becomes a form of illness (marz). Therefore, transform your form of remembrance and become a conqueror of attachment.

Slogan: Let there be such a fast flight that you are able to cross situations, clouds, in a second.


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