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31/07/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 29/10/81
“The Spiritual Meeting of the Father and the Children.”

The spiritual Father is celebrating a meeting with the spiritual children. Only you children can celebrate this spiritual meeting (mela). Only in this age can you celebrate this meeting with the one Father. All of you have come to celebrate the mela of Diwali. The first thing in a mela is to celebrate a festival. The next is to meet one another. The third is to give something and to be given something. The fourth is to play. All of you did all these four things. You have come to this mela. However, to celebrate a meeting means to have the determination in your thoughts to have a life constantly filled with imperishable zeal and enthusiasm. To celebrate this spiritual mela and to celebrate this eternal festival is not a matter of just one or two days. The confluence age is a constant festival, and so let your enthusiasm constantly increase. So, it isn’t that Diwali is over, but that it is now Diwali. This New Year is for all time. Every moment is new for you. On New Year’s Day, you especially wear new clothes, you put on new jewellery and have new enthusiasm. You celebrate that day because you consider that day to be a day of great happiness and you give greetings to everyone. You sweeten people’s mouths. In the same way, for you spiritual children every day of the confluence age is a day to give greetings to everyone. It is also the day to sweeten everyone’s mouth for all time. Stay constantly enthusiastic in this way and also make others enthusiastic. Let there always be sweet words on your lips. This is called, “Sweetening your mouth”. Sweetening people’s mouths means to remind them of the sweet Father and to bring them into relationship with Him with your sweet words. So, is your mouth always sweet? You have the sweet toli (mithai) of sweet words constantly in your mouth and you constantly feed others with it, do you not? To have an elevated stage every day means to instill newness within yourself every day. As each second passes, you have a new stage. Because you experience your stage to be ascending, the stage you have is constantly elevated and new from one moment to the next. Therefore, to create a new stage means to wear new clothes. In the golden age, the dress you wear will always be new. The world emperors and the royal family will not wear dresses they have worn previously. Therefore, such royal souls with all rights fill themselves with these sanskars here and now. Each moment, the stage is new and each time you are being newly decorated with knowledge (gyan) and yoga (vigyan) by BapDada. The wealthiest people would always wear new jewellery. So, the most elevated Father, who is full of everything, is decorating you elevated children with new jewellery and filling you with everything every day, is He not? So, every day is New Year’s Day, is it not? You have new clothes, new jewellery, new festivities, which means new enthusiasm, and a mouth that is constantly sweet. You constantly have the sweet toli of sweetness in your mouth. Because of this, what does the Father call you every day? (Sweetest children.) You remember this very firmly, do you not? The Father says, “Sweetest children”, and what do you children say? (Sweetest Baba.) Therefore, what do you have in your mouth? It is a New Year’s Day every day, is it not? It is not just New Year’s Day, but it is always a new moment. So, do you celebrate it in this way? Or, is it that, as soon as the festival is over, your enthusiasm is also over? You don’t celebrate it for a short time like this, do you? This spiritual mela here is an eternal mela. Secondly, as well as celebrating, there is also a meeting. So, you have a spiritual meeting amongst yourselves and with the Father. To meet the Father means to become equal to the Father. This is not just an embrace, but a meeting of virtues and sanskars. For those, “to meet” means that they become equal. This is why “coloured by the company” is remembered. Did you celebrate such a spiritual meeting? Or, did you just shake hands with one another and embrace one another? To have a meeting of virtues and sanskars is a meeting for all time, is it not? You have to celebrate this meeting every day. Therefore, check whether you celebrate such a meeting when you come to this mela.

Thirdly, there is the giving and receiving. In a worldly way, when you go to a mela, you would give money and be given something in return. You definitely receive something. Before you receive something, you have to give something. Therefore, are you constantly receiving something? Even amongst yourselves, you are always receiving one another’s specialities or virtues, are you not? You receive these constantly, do you not? Receiving these means you are imbibing them within yourself. As a result of imbibing a speciality within yourself, ordinariness within you automatically finishes. When you imbibe a virtue, your weakness caused by the lack of that virtue automatically finishes. This becomes a form of giving. Therefore, those of you from Gujarat, did you receive and give? Did you give and receive? This receiving and giving is continuing at every moment and will continue to take place all the time. You receive and give at every second, because the giving is merged with the receiving. So, are you big hearted in giving? Or, are you miserly? You are big hearted, are you not? What do you give anyway? You only give the things you are compelled to give.

It is only when all of you children have become completely empty that the Father comes. No physical strength, no mental strength and no financial strength. Empty of physical strength – Having no strength in the body – how has the memorial of the procession of Shiva been portrayed? What is the memorial of the end of all strength of mind? The memorial of this is “constant invocation”. You called out every day, did you not? What is the sign of having no wealth? Look how the Government constantly has its vision on even the little gold that still remains. You wear it in fear. If you do have some wealth, what is it called? Black money! No matter how wealthy someone is in name, 90% of that wealth would be black money. Therefore, can that wealth be used or is it just in name? So, it is when you have nothing and when only the uncooked rice of Sudama remains, that the Father then comes. Eating uncooked rice can be harmful. You simply give rice and even that is dry! However, what do you receive in return? All virtues, all powers and all treasures. Even more than thirty-six varieties! Therefore, is that giving or receiving? Even the dry rice you bring is mixed with dust. Your only awareness was of that dust. You have now changed, but when you came to the Father, you were covered in dust. Seeing dust, you played in the dust. What else were you doing? You now play with jewels. Therefore, the giving and receiving will constantly continue. In your giving, there was only dusty, dry rice. Nevertheless, some children are still mischievous when they give. Today, they say that they have given everything they have like Sudama, but they still keep something hidden under their arms. The Father could take this, but would the one who is giving make any fortune through that? If Baba were to snatch that away, because you didn’t give it yourself, you would miss out on receiving anything. You give one-fold and receive multimillion-fold! Therefore, to give voluntarily, that is, with determination means to give one fold and receive multimillion-fold. So, you have to give, because it is only in giving that there is benefit. Do you understand what it is to give and receive?

After you have celebrated, after your meeting and after giving and receiving, what happens next? You constantly play with the Father in happiness. You constantly swing in the swing of supersensuous joy. So, did you celebrate such a meeting? Constantly continue to enjoy celebrating this spiritual mela. Every day is a mela. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who celebrate a meeting at every second, to those who constantly sweeten their own mouths and the mouths of others, to those who always have new enthusiasm in constantly celebrating this festival, to those who by ascending make their stage new at every second, to those who wear new clothes and are decorated with new jewellery, to those who constantly play in happiness with the Father, to those who constantly enjoy celebrating a spiritual mela, to the elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting couples:

Do you know your specialities? What is the speciality of this group? This is a group that will make the sannyasis and mahatmas bow down. Sannyasis are the great souls of today. So, through the example of how you live, the mahatmas of today will be given the Father’s introduction. If you take every step in the awareness of your speciality, every action you perform becomes a divine action, just as every action Father Brahma performed is remembered as a divine action. You come here to Madhuban because you know that this is the land on which divine activities were performed by Father Brahma. Therefore, just as every action Brahma Baba performed was an elevated action, it is remembered as a divine activity, so too, the speciality of this group is that every action you perform is like a divine activity, because you have now become the spiritual children of the spiritual Father. You have the spiritual relationship of Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. So, now there are the alokik father, the alokik children and alokik actions. Alokik actions would be called divine activities. Therefore, throughout the day, from amrit vela until night, let every action you perform be divine. Let your actions not be ordinary, but alokik. Those who live an alokik life are unable to perform ordinary actions.

Both wheels of the carriages of all of you are running well together, are they not? There isn’t any disposition sometimes between the wheels, is there? It isn’t that one wheel moves a little ahead of the other, is it? The speciality of all of you is that each of you stays ahead of the other and also put the other one ahead of you. To place the other one ahead of you is to go ahead yourself. Not that one thinks, “I am a man,” and the other one thinks, “I am the Shakti.” If you are a Shakti, then the Pandavas are no less; the Shaktis are no less either – they are no less than the Pandavas. Both of you co-operate with the Father and so you cannot say that the Pandavas are ahead or that the Shaktis are ahead. The Shaktis are said to be the shield, because they have been considering themselves to be very inferior for a long time. Therefore, in order to encourage them, they are placed at the front. It is only because the Shaktis are placed at the front that the Pandavas benefit. If the Shaktis were to stay at the back, they would also pull you back, because the Shaktis have more power of attraction. This is why when you place the Shaktis ahead, it means you yourself go ahead. In any case, the Shaktis are the shield for the Pandavas. If the Pandavas were to give such lectures, they would get a beating! Even when you open a Gita Pathshala, you invite a sister to come. A mother is considered to be a guru and this is why people easily have devotional feelings for a mother. Father Brahma too remained a backbone and placed the Shaktis ahead, and you are Brahma’s equals. Just as the father achieved success by placing the Shaktis at the front, so, because you place the Shaktis ahead, you too achieve success.

There isn’t any conflict in any of the families, is there? Do the pots and pans sometimes knock against one another and make a noise? What would be said if there was any noise anywhere? These are God’s children, and yet the pots are knocking against the pots! Generally, when pots and pans knock against each other, it definitely makes a noise. However, there cannot be any noise here. Why? Because you have the Father here, in between you. Can there be any noise when the Father is in between you? When you remove the Father from in between you, there is conflict and noise. So, constantly keep the Father with you. When the Father is with you, then, even if something does happen, it would be put right. Generally, when something happens between two people and a third person intervenes, the matter comes to an end. In the same way, place the Father in between you and the situation will not get worse; everything will be resolved.

Whilst living amongst your family, remain constantly detached from those bodily relationships, for only then will you be able to play your part in a pure household. Do not let the consciousness of “I am a man and she is a woman” even enter your dreams. Since souls are brothers, how can there be the consciousness of “man” and “woman”? You and the Father are the couple. Therefore, how can you say, “This one is my wife.”? It is said just in name for the sake of service. The combined form is of you and the Father. BapDada still congratulates you for your courage. Through your courage you are continuing to make progress and you will continue to do so! Congratulations for your courage!

Meeting the Kumars:

Do you constantly consider yourselves to be “raj rishis”? To have all rights and to be a rishi means to be a tapaswi. When you have sovereignty over yourself, you automatically become a tapaswi. When you have sovereignty over yourself and consider yourself to be a soul who belongs to the Father, that becomes your tapasya. When a soul belongs to the Father, he becomes a tapaswi. Therefore, you have a kingdom and you are a rishi. So, do each of you have a right to self-sovereignty? None of your physical senses should attract you. Remain constantly attracted to the Father. Do not be attracted towards people or things. Are you such tapaswi kumars who have a right to self-sovereignty? Because the atmosphere is still iron aged, and because the company you have is that of swans and storks, you have to become completely victorious. Only when you remain a self-sovereign can you remain safe whilst living in such an atmosphere. Let there not be the slightest attraction of worldly vibrations. No complaints, but always complete. There are complaints about the kumars. If you kumars were to become victorious, you would then be the greatest of all, because even the Government puts the youth forward. There are more kumars there too. Kumars can do whatever they want, because they have a lot of energy. However, you are not wasting that energy, are you? Only when you have no one but the Father in your thoughts and dreams would you be called number one kumars. When you kumars become free from obstacles, you can make everyone free from obstacles. Kumars have the title, “destroyers of obstacles”. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by any type of obstacle, whatever type of obstacle it is, whether it is of the mind, words or deeds. This is why the title of you sons is “destroyers of obstacles”. Ganesh was a son, was he not? Therefore, it is in memory of you that the title, “destroyer of obstacles” is very well known. It was because you became this practically that that memorial was created. When you become a destroyer of obstacles, service automatically takes place through your mind. Even the atmosphere will continue to become free from obstacles. Just as nature changes according to the seasons, in the same way, the atmosphere will be changed by the children who are destroyers of obstacles. Therefore, let the movement of “the destroyers of obstacles” spread everywhere. Always be aware that you have to create a victorious atmosphere. The sun is powerful: it spreads light everywhere with its power. So, become just as powerful! Kumars definitely need something or other to do. When kumars are unoccupied, there is conflict. When kumars keep busy, they not only benefit themselves, but they also benefit the world. Therefore, become destroyers of obstacles and keep busy creating such an atmosphere. Use your speciality in this task. Each of you kumars is a mahavir who can give the life-giving herb to everyone. You can revive those who have become unconscious. Therefore, constantly remember your occupation. You don’t forget your worldly occupation. Similarly, don’t forget your spiritual occupation. Keep in your awareness all of the titles that you have been given by the Father at the confluence age. By remembering your titles, you automatically remember both the knowledge and the Bestower of Knowledge. Achcha.


May you be the lucky stars who become free from the cycle of coming and going by invoking your complete and perfect form.

Now, invoke your complete and perfect stage and form, and that form will then always be in your awareness. You will then be liberated from the fluctuation of sometimes being in a high stage and sometimes a low stage, from the cycle of remembering and forgetting. People want to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death and you become free from all waste, and become the sparkling lucky stars.


To be influenced by any obstacle means to create a flaw in the diamond.


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