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4/06/16 Sweet elevated versions to be read in class on the day of remembrance of Jagadamba Mateshwari. 15/12/63
The responsibility for happiness and sorrow rests on your actions.

People know that the result of a life of happiness or sorrow rests on your actions. Definitely, actions are performed first and the consequence of those is experienced in the form of sorrow or happiness. So, happiness and sorrow are connected with actions. Karma is not said to be kismet (fortune). Some think, “Whatever is in my fortune.”, and they therefore consider sorrow and happiness to be their fortune. In this way, they think that God has created their fortune, or that someone else has created their fortune and this is why they say, “Whatever is in my fortune”. However, it also has to be understood who created fortune. Did God create fortune or was it already created beforehand? I created that fortune due to which I experienced sorrow or happiness. It wasn’t God who created happiness and sorrow; it was my own actions and it is the human being who performs the actions. Therefore, the responsibility is mine. “Whatever you sow, so shall you reap”, is a common saying. Whoever sows will reap the fruit of that. It is also mentioned in the Gita: The soul is his own enemy and own friend. God did not say: I am your Enemy and I am your Friend. The living being is his own enemy and his own friend and so who is it who you have friendship or enmity with? The being himself. Therefore, since it is clear that a person is responsible for his own happiness and sorrow, why should anyone want to have any sorrow? Whatever form the sorrow comes in, they try to chase it away. When any fighting or quarrelling arises, they try to finish it. Sometimes, when some face untimely death, sorrow is experienced and then they wonder why it is like that. In this way, people have even begun to insult God for that reason. All of the things that have happened to you or the untimely death that has come, did God make that happen? When I experience sorrow in the form of an illness that comes to me, did God do that? All of the fighting and quarrelling and also the reasons for sorrow in the world – did God do all of that? Oh! God is said to be the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. This is why, when they have any sorrow, they remember Him. When there is a physical illness, they call out: O God! They call out to Him alone when in sorrow. If He caused the sorrow, what should the One who caused the sorrow do? Tell me. Should you remember the One who has caused you the sorrow? You have to think about this: If you remember Him at the time of sorrow, then you cannot say of Him that He caused that sorrow. This is also something that has to be understood. We remember Him because we must have a connection with Him for something else and not because He is the cause of sorrow. The reason for sorrow or the one who is responsible for that must be someone else. However, there isn’t a third person; there is just I and my Creator, that is all. There are just the two. One is I, His creation or His child, and, secondly, the Father. So, is the Father responsible or am I responsible? However, when I have sorrow, it seems to me as though perhaps God has caused me sorrow. It would be said: It is His will. However, the soul inside feels that He is the Bestower of Happiness for me. Just as you ask for support for happiness: O God, remove my sorrow! They even say: O God, give me a long life! Look, they even ask Him for a long life. They ask God for a long life, and call out to Him when in sorrow, when they have a physical illness, when there is any fighting or quarrelling or any reason of peacelessness. When their children are not so well behaved, they themselves say: O God, give this one a good intellect, and so they ask Him for some directions. When anything causes them sorrow, they remember Him and they also ask Him to resolve it. So, when they ask Him for something, He must definitely be the Bestower of that, must He not? He alone is the One who gives us happiness and this is why we ask Him for it. He has the cure for us to be liberated from all of those things, for this is why they say, “O my God!” Whether someone knows the meaning of this or not, God definitely exists. They don’t know who He is or what He is, but that feeling definitely emerges from within. It is something to be understood what the connection is between the One whom we remember and all of our sorrow. Is He the Bestower of Sorrow or is His connection with us because of the happiness He gives? It is proved from our remembrance of Him that His work is not of causing sorrow. If He were causing us sorrow, why would we remember Him? However, at the time of sorrow, our love for God especially emerges, as though He is our great Friend. All of this goes to show that we definitely have a relationship of happiness with Him and the cause of sorrow is something else. There isn’t a third being. There is just I and Him and so I definitely am responsible. Whatever I am an instrument for, I myself experience sorrow at the time of sorrow. I create that and so just see how senseless this is. The thing that I want liberation from, I create myself: it is such an amazing thing! I do not want to experience any type of sorrow. That is not what I desire, but I created it and so, I definitely have been senseless (foolish) in creating it. I do not want it, but there continues to be sorrow. So, there is definitely something I am doing which is ignorant and foolish. Whatever it is, I must find out about it. I must have knowledge about it. I must search this knowledge first. However, the amazing thing is that people make so many excuses not to come and understand it. They say that they don’t have time. “What should we do? Should we look after our household or do this and that? What should we do?” So, they continue to watch all of that happening and also look after it, but it is in this that they experience sorrow. However, I created all of those forms of sorrow, “My household, my family”… I caused some form of sorrow in all of those things. In that case, I must look into all of that first. Before creating anything, I must first have information about it. The thing that I am creating and which is causing me sorrow, I must first understand it: Is it that I am unhappy by creating it or is there something in this which will give happiness? Or is there no happiness for me at all? What is it? I must find out about all of this. For this information, it is shown here that whatever the cause of your sorrow is, the cure is given here to finish that sorrow. It is absolutely essential in life to know why it happened. Look, those poor people are so ignorant, whereas those who know about this say, “What can we do? How can we do anything? Should we leave our household etc?” They make excuses and so it is amazing that people’s intellects that have become filled with so much sorrow have become completely removed from those things so that, even when they are given this understanding, they do not make time to understand. We understand, imbibe and experience those things and then tell them that this is something that has to be experienced. We have definitely experienced it and this is why we say this. So, how can we attain happiness in a practical way? We had this hope for a long time and now the Bestower of Happiness, Himself, is giving us His introduction and telling us how we became unhappy. It is your fault, but why are you taking that sorrow on yourself and what are the actions of yours that became a reason for your sorrow? What is that? Come and understand that. Look, we are making such an offer. Even then, it is amazing that despite hearing this, those poor people say that they just want to continue as they are doing now. This is called Maya; Maya has completely caught hold of them. The thing for which they beat their heads all day – the Father has come and is offering that very thing and giving it to you: Children, what is the means of your happiness and what is the cause of your sorrow? He sits and explains all of these things. Even then, they say that they don’t have time. What can we do?

The Father Himself says: I have now come to remove all of your sorrow and to make you find happiness because you have been singing: O Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. They never say: Today, You are the Bestower of Sorrow and the Remover of Happiness; no! He is the Remover of Sorrow. So, the Father says: Children, I have come to remove your sorrow and, in order to remove your sorrow, I will inspire you to perform such actions through which your sorrow will be eliminated. Simply understand what I am teaching and explaining to you and continue to make that effort and eliminate your sorrow in this way. I am giving you the teachings with which you can eliminate your own sorrow; you have to imbibe these because it is yours. However, some people make such excuses that it is as though they are doing God a favour. Some say that they will do this if they get time. O brother! All of those matters of feeding others food and drink – you are caught up in the accounts that are created through those types of actions and they are what caused you sorrow. On the one hand, you say that you want to be liberated from that sorrow and, on the other hand, the Father Himself is explaining to you ways to liberate yourself from that sorrow. Nevertheless, it doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect. In this way, many think that this wealth, prosperity, body is Maya. They then try to find methods with which they think will become free, but no! The cause of your sorrow is something else. God says: This creation of Mine, which is eternal, is not the cause of sorrow. You have taken on something extra which is called the five vices (Maya). The vices are called Maya. The body is not vices, the world is not vices, wealth or prosperity is not vices. Vices are something else and because they (vices) have come, all of those things have become a means of sorrow. Otherwise, all of those comforts are a means of happiness for souls. For them, all the wealth and prosperity are a means of happiness. However, because of not having full knowledge of all of those things, they have all led them to sorrow and this is why the Father says: The Creation that I created, which is eternal, is not the cause of sorrow. You are the reason for sorrow. Some additional things have entered you and those different things are the five vices of Maya. You now have to remove them. Some say that God has even given those. However, God has given us things for happiness, has He not? However, you have added the vices to them and spoilt everything. This is why you are told: You are the Father’s children, so now remove those things and you will find the way to find happiness. All of these things have to be understood. For this, you are asked to come here again and again and understand these things. However, some come here, listen to these things and then, as soon as they go out, everything is finished. So, it would be said to be amazing, would it not? What is the reason for the desires you have in your life and how can they be finished? For that, come and understand a little. Do not think: What can I do? Should I do this or that? Some think that this is something for the older ones. Is it only essential for the older ones to create their lives? The older ones are those who have climbed up the wrong ladder and, having experienced everything, then come down. Instead of that, be cautious before you climb the ladder and realise how you want to lead your life. So, this is a matter of understanding, is it not? This is why they are advised to understand these things a little and then make full effort to finish the root cause of sorrow.

You have to claim your right from God who is the Father of all. It is not just a matter of calling Him the Father. We also have to claim the attainment that we can have from Him. However, God, Himself, has said that only a handful out of multimillions know Him. It is that condition now. Even so, He says: There are at least a few, are there not? Perhaps there are a few out of multimillions who will emerge and make their fortune. Achcha.

Love, remembrance and good morning from sweet BapDada and the mother.


May you be a resident of the original land and consider this old world to be foreign and remain beyond it.

Some people do not touch anything made abroad, for they feel that they should only use things that are made in their own country. Similarly, for you, this old world is foreign (abroad). Stay beyond it, that is, let there not be the slightest attraction to the things of the old world, that is, to any nature or sanskars of it. Become a resident of the original land. In the soul-conscious form, be a resident of your elevated land, the supreme abode, and, in terms of the Godly family, consider yourself to be a resident of the land of Madhuban and maintain that intoxication.


Instead of becoming trapped in chaos (jamela – confusion), remain constantly in the fair (mela – happiness) of the meeting.


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