bk murli

Essence: Sweet children, keep the study that the Father is teaching you in your intellects and teach it to everyone. Give everyone the introduction of the Father and the world cycle.

Question: Souls play their parts in the golden age and also in the iron age, but what is the difference?
Answer: When souls play their parts in the golden age they don’t perform any sinful actions; every action there is neutral because Ravan doesn’t exist there. Then, when souls play their parts in the iron age, every action is sinful, because vices exist here. You are now at the confluence age and you have all the knowledge.

Essence for dharna:
1. All of us souls are brothers. Make this lesson firm and inspire others to do the same. Make your sanskars completely pure with remembrance.
2. In order to become 24 carat pure gold (satopradhan) keep the deep philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action in your intellect and don’t perform any more sinful actions.

Blessing: May you become an immortal image as your means for making spiritual progress and gain victory over all adverse situations.
Just as you adopt many means for the livelihood of your body, similarly, also adopt a method for making spiritual progress. For this, practise remaining stable in the stage of an immortal image. Those who move along while considering themselves to be immortal images are protected from untimely death, famine and all adverse situations. In order to remove all mental tension and mental problems, simply continue to finish the consciousness of your old body.

Slogan: Anyone who feels something again and again will fail the final paper.

Experience of the double light stage:
Transform “mine” into “Yours” and constantly be a double light angel. While moving along, have the awareness that you are an angel. Since you belong to the Father and you have made everything of yours belong to the Father, you become light (angels). All the many relationships of “mine” finish. “Mine is one Baba and none other”. This awareness will make you an angel.


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