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18/10/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 04/02/80

“The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, and the Fortunate Children”

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Knowledge and Fortune, is seeing the fortune of you children. The fortune of all you elevated children is so elevated! In what way is it elevated? When you give the Father’s introduction, you mention six things with which you make His introduction clear. When souls know these six things, they are able to claim an elevated status. They can claim a right to all the attainments of both the present time and the future. Similarly, BapDada was seeing six aspects of the fortune of you children. You know these six things very well, do you not?
The name of you elevated Brahmins is also your fortune. Even now, all souls of the world still speak of your name, of the Brahmin topknot. On the basis of your Brahmin name, even in this last period of time, brahmins are still considered to be elevated. Although their activity has changed, they are still given respect on the basis of their name. It is the same with the name ‘Pandav’. Even today, disheartened souls encourage themselves by thinking that they too can become as victorious as the five Pandavas were, by having the Father’s company. They think, “It doesn’t matter that there are only a few of them, the Pandavas have always been victorious. We too can become victorious.” The name of the gopes and gopis is also used in the same way. Even today, when the name “gopes and gopis” is mentioned, people begin to experience great happiness. As soon as they hear this name, they become lost in love. So, there is fortune in your name.
Your form is also your fortune. Devotees still endure a great deal of heat or cold in order to get a glimpse of your Shakti form. Here, you are at least comfortable! There, those people do tapasya just standing between the earth and sky. You have the fortune of being worshipped in your Shakti form and as deities – you become worthy of being worshipped in both forms. So, your form is also remembered and worshipped. You have the fortune of being especially worshipped.
You have the fortune of virtues. Even today, the virtues are remembered in the devotional songs they sing. People sing praise of your virtues in such a way that just by doing that they experience peace, happiness and bliss for a limited period of time. This is the fortune of your virtues. Now, let’s move on!
The fortune of your task. People still celebrate many different festivals. All of you elevated souls have given many souls enthusiasm in many different ways. The celebration of all the different festivals symbolises the fortune of your task. Now, let’s move on!
Your place of residence. Your place of residence is this land in which you reside. The memorial of this is a pilgrimage place. Your place of residence have such fortune that these place have become pilgrimage place. Even the mud there has so much fortune! People consider themselves to be very fortunate if they are able to rub the mud of pilgrimage place on their forehead. This is the fortune of your place. Let’s move on!
The fortune of the time of the confluence age is especially remembered in the form of amrit vela. Amrit vela means the time to become immortal by drinking nectar. As well as that, it is also the most auspicious confluence age of righteousness and charity. Even the time of dusk is known as the time of elevated fortune. The praise of all these different times is the praise of this time of yours. So, do you now understand your elevated fortune?
Today, BapDada was looking at the fortune of all you children on the basis of these six things. He was seeing to what percentage you have created your fortune in each of these six aspects – to what extent you are aware of your elevated name; for how long you maintain this awareness; in which stage you stay; and to what extent you remain in your powerful stage of a deity with divine virtues and a master almighty authority. Baba saw the result of all of these aspects. You have been told that, Baba doesn’t need to make any effort to check all of this in the subtle region. As soon as Baba puts on the switch of thought, each one’s total emerges. Baba doesn’t need to labour over this as human beings have to do in the corporeal world. Refined forms of all the scientific instruments that are being invented today already exist there. TV- has only recently been invented, but all of you children were shown scenes and given the experience at the beginning of establishment of the future corporeal world in the subtle region. Scientists are working very hard and are even trying to reach the stars. They didn’t find anything on the moon and so they are now trying to reach the stars. However, all of you children with the power of silence have from the beginning been experiencing the supreme land, the land beyond the stars. Even so, just as each of you children definitely receives the fruit of your efforts, they too will definitely receive some temporary happiness of name, fame, respect and success. They are also under the influence of the drama, that is, they are under the influence of their parts. It has been remembered that nature presented platefuls of diamonds and jewels to the gods and goddesses. The earth and the sea will be instrumental in gathering together in one place all the gold, diamonds and jewels that has been scattered all over the place. This is what is meant by platefuls being presented. Everything that is scattered around can be collected on a plate. So, Bharat and the neighbouring lands will become the plates. The elements will be your servants to prepare the plates and place them in front of you, the masters of the world. Similarly, all your attainments will be the servants of you deities. All the various types of success that you have attained through all your various methods, everything attained through the refinement of science, all the different forms of success will become your servants. At the moment, as well as attainments, there are also accidents. However, when those attainments are refined, all the causes of sorrow will end and will take the form of constant happiness and success. All the different departments will use all the success of their knowledge and their inventions to serve you. This is what is meant by nature being your servant and serving you with all attainments. As soon as you issue an order, that order is fulfilled. This is called being an embodiment of all attainments and success. So, do you understand how great your fortune is? Souls sing praise of the fortune of the Father, but it is the Father who sings the praise of your fortune. There has never been nor can there ever be any fortune greater than this! The star of each one’s fortune can now be seen. Just as those stars can be clearly seen, now – also see the star of your own fortune constantly sparkling.
To such elevated, fortunate souls, to all the souls who have conquered nature and made nature their servant and who are instruments to create the fortune of all souls, to those who become master almighty authorities and who, on the basis of all powers, attain all attainments, to those who are constantly almighty authorities, world-benefactor souls who bestow to all souls of the world this great donation of knowledge and blessings, to such children of the Bestower of Fortune, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
Baba speaking to instrument teachers:
Unlimited service means to make the atmosphere powerful. The special service of you serviceable children is to keep yourselves overflowing and make others the same; to remain embodiments of power and make others the same. So, are you busy doing this task? Even seven day old students can give the course or give a lecture. However, you have to do something that no one else can do. You have been made instruments to carry out a special task. This special task is to fill weak souls with the specialities that you have been given by the Father through your pure feelings and elevated desires. Your task is to be a constant embodiment of pure feelings and elevated desires. To have elevated feelings does not mean that you can be influenced by the one for whom you have these elevated feelings. Don’t make this mistake! Sometimes, whilst moving along, you have been making this mistake. To become influenced by them means to become their devotee, in other words, to surrender yourself to their virtues means that you become their devotee. So, your pure feelings must be unlimited. To have a special pure feeling for one soul in particular is also to be limited. There is loss in being limited, but no loss when you become unlimited. At present, the task of you children is to make weak souls powerful – through your pure vibrations and the pure atmosphere you create on the basis of the powers you have attained. Are you constantly busy in this task? The time for giving courses has now gone by. It is now time to fill souls with the course of force. Many others have now been prepared to give the course.
Therefore, you should concentrate on doing the service of making the atmosphere powerful because, day by day, the atmosphere of the world is becoming more and more devilish. Because this is her last chance, Maya too will use all her weapons, mantras and magic. Of course, she will attack you; she will not say goodbye to you just like that! Therefore, in the midst of such an atmosphere, you have to make the atmosphere of your service places very powerful and avyakt. For example, the atmosphere of the temples of the non-living idols automatically attracts all types of souls there, and peaceless souls are thus able to become peaceful for a temporary period. Since there is such an atmosphere in those places of non-living idols, imagine how powerful the atmosphere should be at the service places where you are all present in the living form! So, check each day to see whether the atmosphere is powerful. Enable whoever comes to you to go beyond gross and wasteful things. The reason why there are still many types of obstacles and gross feelings as you move along is that the atmosphere there is still physical. When your atmosphere is spiritual, even those who come with gross matters will change themselves, just as they change for the short time that they are in the temples of those non-living idols. However, here, it is a matter of all the time, because you are in the living form whereas those are non-living idols. From now on, do not just make a list of lectures and exhibitions, but also check whether your atmosphere is powerful.
What is the way to make your atmosphere powerful? The method is to make spiritual endeavour to experience your avyakt form. Pay constant attention to this. You would pay attention to whatever you are making spiritual endeavour for. If you are making the spiritual endeavour of standing on one leg, your attention would be on that. So, this spiritual endeavour means to pay constant attention to tapasya. Check whether you are an avyakt angel. If you are not this yourself, how are you going to make others this? Continue to understand and follow the signals that you receive from the Father. The time for asking how to make effort has now passed. If you are still asking this question, what will those who are yet to come do? Therefore, if you adopt even just one of the many different tactics for making effort that you have been given, you will become successful and also be able to make others successful. So, now finish the language of: “What should I do?”; “How should I do this?” Every day you receive in the murli the response of what you have to do and how you have to do it. If you are still asking this question, it means that you lack the power to put the murli into practice.
BapDada still considers all of you serviceable children to be His equal companions, that is, to be His friends. So, He congratulates His friends. However, you now have to become embodiments of success like your Friend. If one friend is constantly an embodiment of success but the other is moving along slowly, how can the two friends walk along hand-in-hand? “Friends” mean companions. Those who walk behind you are not called friends. If the Father is close to the destination but His children keep stopping and starting, then, instead of reaching their destination, they will go into the line of observers. You are not like that, are you? You will all go with the Father, will you not?
BapDada meeting groups:
Do all of you consider yourselves to be the luckiest children of all? Do you feel that souls of the world outside cannot attain anything like what you have seen and attained? Those souls are thirsty for just one drop, whereas you have become master oceans. Therefore, you are the luckiest of all, are you not? Do you constantly continue to progress whilst considering this to be your fortune? Do you remember this throughout the whole day – or do you forget whilst busy with your family? You never forget something that becomes yours. You have a right over something that belongs to you. You have made the Father belong to you and you therefore have a right over Him. Anyone who has this right would never forget this. The easy way to have constant remembrance, whilst living at home with your family (pravruti), is to maintain an attitude of being beyond (par vruti). This attitude of being beyond means to be soul conscious. Those who are constantly stable in their stage of soul consciousness are constantly detached and loving to the Father. No matter what such a person does, he would feel that he has not been doing any work but just playing a game. You enjoy yourself when playing games and so you find everything easy. So, you are simply playing a game whilst living at home with your family; there is no bondage. Together with love and easy yoga, add power. Then, when you have the balance of all three, you will be able to take a high jump.
In this New Year, make yourself equal to the Father in a practical way – become a light-and-might-house and show the path to all desperate souls. Keep your aim of definitely having to give one thing or another to all souls, whether it is liberation or liberation-in-life. To those who are in the liberation category give the Father’s introduction and grant them the blessing of liberation. In this way, you will become a great donor and a bestower of blessings to everyone. You serve your own places but now you have to become an unlimited world benefactor. Whilst sitting in one place, with the power of your mind you can serve the whole world through the atmosphere and vibrations. Create such a powerful attitude that you are able to create such an atmosphere.


May you be an image of support and upliftment and give all souls real and imperishable support.

At present, there is one disturbance or another everywhere in the world. In some places, there is the disturbance of many types of tension in people’s mind. In other places, the tamopradhan atmosphere of matter and limited facilities are causing disturbance and leading everyone towards the pyre of worry. Having become tired of limited supports, attainments and methods, everyone is therefore searching for real support. You souls, who are images of support and upliftment, now give them an experience of the real, accurate and imperishable support of elevated and imperishable attainments.


Time is an invaluable treasure; therefore, instead of wasting it, decide instantly to use it in a worthwhile way.


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