bk murli

15/10/15 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, it is your duty to show everyone the path to permanent peace and happiness. Remain peaceful and give everyone the alms of peace.


To understand which deep secret do you need to have an unlimited intellect?


The scenes of the drama will be enacted at the time they are meant to be. The drama has an accurate lifespan. The Father too comes at His accurate time; there cannot be the difference of even one second in this. The Father comes and enters this one after exactly 5000 years. You need an unlimited intellect to understand this deep secret.


Although the whole world may change, we will never change.

Om Shanti

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to the spiritual children. He shows you children the path to the land of peace and the land of happiness. At this time, all human beings want peace in the world. Everyone wants individual peace as well as peace in the world. Everyone says: “I want peace of mind”, but where can they attain that? You can receive your inheritance from the Father who is the Ocean of Peace. We receive it individually as well as wholesale, that is, everyone can receive it. The children who study can understand that they are making effort for themselves to claim their inheritance of happiness and that they also show the path to others. Whether they come to claim their inheritance or not, there definitely will be peace in the world. The duty of you children is to give peace to all the children. You must not think: What would be the benefit if only two or four received this inheritance? Some are shown the path but because they don’t have faith, they cannot make others become like themselves. Those who have faith in their intellects understand that they are receiving blessings from Baba. Blessings are given, such as: May you have a long life! May you be wealthy! You cannot get blessings just by saying it. If they ask for blessings, it is explained to them: If you want peace, then make effort in this way. You can receive anything by making effort. They receive so many blessings on the path of devotion. They ask for blessings from everyone – their mother, father, teacher, guru etc. – to remain peaceful and happy. However, they are unable to remain so because there are so many human beings. So, how can they receive happiness and peace? They even sing: O Bestower of Peace. It enters the intellect: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, give us alms of peace. In fact, alms are something you can pick up and give to someone. It is said: These are your alms, your prize. The Father says: No matter how many alms of wealth, buildings, clothes etc. someone gives, those donations and charity are just for a temporary period. Human beings give to human beings. The wealthy have been giving to the poor; the wealthy have been giving to the wealthy. However, here, you have permanent peace and happiness. No one here can give happiness or peace for even one birth, because no one has that himself. It is only the one Father who gives it. He is called the Ocean of Happiness, Peace and Purity. Only the praise of the highest-on-high Father is sung. They believe that peace can only be received from Him. They go to those sages and holy men because that is the path of devotion. Therefore, they continue to go around in circles. All of that effort is for something temporary. You children have stopped doing all of that. You even write: You can claim the inheritance of one hundred per cent happiness, peace and purity from the unlimited Father. There is now one hundred per cent impurity, sorrow and peacelessness here, but human beings don’t understand this. They say that the rishis and munis etc. are pure, but creation still takes place through poison, does it not? This is the main thing. Purity cannot exist in the kingdom of Ravan. Only the one Father is the Ocean of Purity, Happiness and Peace. You know that we receive our inheritance for 21 births, which means for half the cycle, for 2,500 years, from Shiv Baba. This is guaranteed. For half the cycle it is the land of happiness and for the other half it is the land of sorrow. The world has two parts: one new and the other old. However, no one knows when it becomes new and when it becomes old. No one can tell the age of the tree accurately. You have now learnt of this tree from the Father. This tree is 5000 years old. Only you know its accurate age. No one knows the age of other trees. They can only estimate that. Storms come, trees fall and their lives end. Human beings also die suddenly. The age of this unlimited tree is exactly 5000 years. There cannot be one day less or one day more than this. This tree is predestined. There can be no change in it. The scenes that come in the drama will come at the time they are meant to. The drama has to repeat identically. Its age is also accurate. The Father has to come to establish the new world. He also comes at the accurate time. There cannot be the difference of even a second in this. Your intellects are now unlimited. Only you understand that the Father comes and enters this body after exactly 5000 years. This is why “Shiv Ratri” is said. For Krishna, they say: “Janamashtmi”. They don’t say, “The birthday of Shiva”. They say, “The night of Shiva”. This is because if there were birth, there would also be death. “Birthday” is said for human beings. For Shiva, “Shiv Ratri” is always said. No one in the world knows anything about these things. You understand why they call it Shiv Ratri and why they don’t call it Janamashtmi. His birthday is divine and unique. No one else can have a birth like that. No one knows how Shiv Baba comes or when He comes. Only you know the meaning of Shiv Ratri. This is the unlimited night. When the night of devotion finishes, there is the day. The night of Brahma and the day of Brahma are also those of the Brahmins. It is not just a play about Brahma alone. You know that the day is now going to begin. After studying you will reach your home. Then you will come into the day. It is said: For half the cycle there is day, and for the other half there is night. However, this doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect. Those people say that 40,000 years of the iron age still remain and that the golden age is 100,000 years. In that case, there couldn’t be a calculation of half and half. No one knows the duration of the cycle. You know the beginning, middle and end of the whole world. After 5000 years, the world goes through another cycle. It is still the same world. Human beings become tired from playing their parts in it: What is all this coming and going? If it were the coming and going of 8.4 million births, who knows what would happen? Because of ignorance they have lengthened the duration of the cycle. You children are now studying personally with the Father. You feel inside that you are sitting in front of Him practically. The elevated confluence age definitely has to come. No one but you children knows when it comes or how it comes; therefore you children should bubble with happiness. It is you who claim the kingdom from the Father cycle after cycle. In other words, you claim victory over Maya and then you are defeated. This is the unlimited defeat and victory. Those kings have a lot of defeat and victory. There are many wars. When they have won a small war, they can say: We have now won. What do they win? They just win a small piece of land. When they lose a big war, they lower the flag. At first there is one king. Then there is expansion. At first there is the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Then other kings start to come. It is just as they show how there was at first one Pope and then how other Popes came, numberwise. There is no certainty about when death will come to anyone. You children know that Baba is making us immortal. He is making us into the masters of the land of immortality. There should be so much happiness. This is the land of death and that is the world of immortality. No one new can understand these things. They don’t enjoy this as much as the old ones do. Day by day, there is growth. Faith becomes firm. There has to be a lot of tolerance. This is the devilish world. They don’t take time to cause sorrow. You souls say: We are now following Baba’s shrimat. We are at the confluence age and everyone else is in the iron age. We are becoming the most elevated. We become the highest of human beings through this study. It is by studying that someone becomes the Chief Justice etc. The Father is teaching you. You claim a status through this study according to the effort you make. A person receives a grade according to how much he or she studies. There is the grade to claim a kingdom in this. In that study, there isn’t a grade for a kingdom. You know that you are becoming the kings of kings. Therefore, there should be so much happiness inside you. We are becoming very elevated and double-crowned. God, the Father, is teaching us. No one can understand how the incorporeal Father comes and teaches. Human beings call out: O Purifier, come and purify us! Yet they don’t become pure. The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. On the one hand, you call out: O Purifier, come! I have now come and I say: Children, stop becoming impure. So, why don’t you stop becoming impure? It shouldn’t be that the Father makes you pure and you continue to become impure. Many become impure like this. Some speak the truth: Baba, I made this mistake. Baba says: If you have performed any sinful action, tell Baba immediately. Some speak the truth and some tell lies. Who is asking, anyway? I am not going to sit here and find out what is going on inside each one of you. That is not possible. I just come to give advice. If you don’t become pure, that is your loss. If, after making effort to become pure, you become impure, the income you have earned will be destroyed. You will feel ashamed that you have become impure. In that case, how could you tell others to become pure? Your conscience will bite you inside about how much you disobeyed orders. Here, you make a direct promise to the Father. You know that Baba is making us into the masters of the land of happiness and the land of peace. He is present and in front of you. We are personally sitting in front of Him. This one didn’t have this knowledge before, nor did he receive it from a guru. If he had had a guru, would that guru have given knowledge to just one? There are many followers of gurus; there wouldn’t be only one. These things have to be understood. There is only the one Satguru and He shows us the path. We then show it to others. You tell everyone to remember the Father, that’s all. By remembering the Father, who is the Highest on High, you will claim an elevated status. You are becoming the kings of kings. You will have countless wealth. You are filling your aprons, are you not? You know that Baba is filling our aprons so much. It is said that Kuber had a lot of wealth. In fact, each one of you is Kuber. You receive treasures in the form of heaven. There is the story of God, the Friend. He used to give the kingdom for a day to whomever He met first. All of these things are examples. Allah means the Father. He is the Creator of the first religion. You have had visions. You know that you are truly claiming the kingdom of the world with the power of yoga. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost, now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Fathers says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. You have to become very, very tolerant in this devilish world. Even if someone defames you or makes you unhappy, you have to tolerate that. Never stop following the Father’s shrimat.

2. The Father has given you a direct order to become pure. Therefore, never become impure. If you commit a sin, don’t hide it.


May you be a holy soul who colours all souls with the imperishable colour of knowledge and yoga by being coloured with the Father’s company.

You are holy swans who are coloured with God’s colour and the confluence age is the age of a holy life. When you are coloured with the spiritual imperishable colour, you become equal to the Father for all time. Your Holi is to become equal to the Father through the colour of His company. Let the colour be so fast that you make others equal to yourselves. Colour every soul with the spiritual imperishable colour of knowledge, remembrance, the many powers, virtues, an elevated attitude and vision, good wishes and pure feelings.


Make your vision alokik, your mind cool, your intellect merciful and your mouth sweet.


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