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13/10/15 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to make you the most elevated of all, God, Himself, gives you elevated directions through which you change from residents of hell into residents of heaven.


To which aspects must the children who are to become deities pay most attention?


Never sulk about anything; never make your face like that of a corpse. Never cause anyone sorrow. In order to become deities, only flowers should constantly emerge from your lips. If thorns or stones emerge, you will just remain a stone. Imbibe virtues very well. You have to become full of all virtues here. If you have to experience punishment, you will not receive a good status.

Om Shanti

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children who are to become the masters of the new world. You children understand that the Father has now come to give you your unlimited inheritance. We were not worthy. They say: O Prabhu, I am not worthy! Make me worthy! The Father says: You children are human beings, and deities are also human beings, but they have divine virtues. They are called true human beings. Human beings now have devilish traits and this is why they are called inhuman. Their activity is like that of animals. When someone has no divine virtues, he is said to have devilish traits. The Father comes and makes you into elevated deities. Lakshmi and Narayan are true human beings and they live in the land of truth. They are called deities; they have divine virtues. Although people say “O Purifier, come” no one knows the secret of how those kings become pure and how they become impure kings. That is the path of devotion. No one else knows knowledge. The Father explains to you children and makes you become like them. The deities still perform actions in the golden age, but they don’t perform impure actions; they have divine virtues. Only the residents of heaven are those who don’t perform dirty actions. Maya makes the residents of hell perform dirty actions. God now sits here and makes you perform elevated actions by giving you elevated directions not to perform any dirty actions. He gives you the most elevated directions of all in order to make you into the most elevated of all. Deities are the most elevated, are they not? They reside in the new world of heaven. You are also numberwise in understanding this according to the efforts you make. This is why the rosaries that are created are of eight, 108 and 16,108, but how many is that anyway? There are billions of human beings. So if 16,000 emerge from them, how many is that? That is not even one quarter of one per cent. The Father makes the children so elevated. He explains to you children every day: Don’t perform any sinful actions. You have found such a Father. Therefore, you should experience such great happiness. You understand that the unlimited Father has adopted you. We now belong to Him. The Father is the Creator of heaven. Therefore, in order to become the masters of such a heaven you have to become worthy and full of all virtues. Lakshmi and Narayan were full of all virtues. Their worthiness is praised. Having taken 84 births they are now unworthy. When they descend, their degrees decrease even in one birth. In this way they gradually continue to decrease. Just as the drama moves like a louse, so you, too, gradually come down. After 1250 years there are two degrees less. Then, in the kingdom of Ravan, the degrees continue to decrease quickly. Souls become eclipsed, just as the sun and moon also become eclipsed. It isn’t that the moon and stars are never eclipsed; everyone is completely eclipsed. The Father says: It is only by having remembrance that your eclipse will pass. Don’t perform any sinful actions. The number one sin is body consciousness. This is a very severe sin. It is only in this one birth that you children receive teachings because the world now has to change. You will not receive such teachings again. You have been receiving teachings to become a barrister for birth after birth. Those schools etc. exist all the time but it is only once, that is all, that you receive this knowledge. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, only comes once. He gives you all the knowledge of Himself and of the beginning, the middle and the end of His creation. The Father explains everything so easily. You souls are actors. Souls come here from their home to play their parts. That is called the land of liberation. Heaven is the land of liberation-in-life. Here, there is bondage in life. These words have to be remembered accurately. There can never be eternal liberation. Human beings ask for eternal liberation, that is, they want to come out of the cycle of coming and going. However, no one can be removed from playing his part in the drama. This is the original, eternal, predestined play. The history and geography of the world repeat identically. The same deities will enter into the golden age. Then, later, those of Islam and the Buddhists, etc. will come. This will become the human tree. The Seed of this tree is up above. The Father is the Seed of the human world tree. The human population exists all the time, but it is very small in the golden age. It then gradually continues to grow a great deal. OK, how does it become small again? The Father comes and makes impure ones pure. Very few become pure. Only a handful out of multimillions emerge. For half the cycle there are very few. Then for the other half cycle there is so

much growth. The deity community should have the highest population because they are the ones who come at the beginning. However, they went into other religions because they forgot the Father. This is a play about one mistake. It was by forgetting Him that they became poverty-stricken. Little by little, they forgot and they have now completely forgotten. Worship too is of just the One at first, because it is only the One who grants salvation to all. Why should anyone else be worshipped? It was Shiva who made them into Lakshmi and Narayan. How could Krishna be the one who makes them that? That is not possible. How could Krishna be the one who teaches you Raja Yoga? He is a prince of the golden age. People have made such a great mistake! It doesn’t sit in their intellects. The Father says: Now remember Me and imbibe divine virtues. If there is any quarrelling over property, then just finish that. Otherwise, while you’re still quarrelling you’ll shed your body. The Father says: This one renounced everything; he didn’t quarrel with anyone. Even if you receive very little, let go of that. In return, you receive such a kingdom! Baba tells how much happiness he experienced when he had visions of destruction and the kingdom. “What is all of this compared to the kingdom of the world that I am going to receive?” No one is going to starve. Even those who don’t have any money are still able to fill their stomachs. Did Mama bring anything? Mama is remembered so much. The Father says: It is fine to remember her but, now, don’t remember her name or form. We too have to have the virtues she had. We also have to become as good as Mama and become worthy of the throne. That will not happen just by praising her. The Father says: Constantly remember Me. Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Relate knowledge in the same way that Mama did. Only when you become worthy of such praise yourself can the proof of Mama’s praise be given. By simply saying “Mama, Mama” your stomach won’t become full (you won’t be satisfied). Your stomach and back will become one. Only by remembering Shiva Baba will your stomach become full. Even by remembering this Dada your stomach won’t become full. Only remember the One alone. The greatness is of the One. Methods should be created for doing service. Only flowers should always emerge from your lips. If thorns or stones emerge, you would just remain like stone. Imbibe virtues very well. Become full of all virtues here. If you have to experience punishment you will not receive a good status. You children come here to listen to the Father directly. Here, Baba gives you fresh intoxication. At the centres, you become intoxicated. Then, when you go home and see your relatives, everything finishes. Here, you understand that you are sitting in Baba’s family. There, it is an impure family. There is so much fighting etc. As soon as you go back, you fall into the rubbish. Here, you mustn’t forget the Father. No one in the world can receive true peace. No one except the Father can give purity, happiness, peace and prosperity. It isn’t that the Father gives the blessings: May you have a long life! May you have many children! No. You don’t gain anything by receiving blessings etc. That is a mistake made by human beings. Even sannyasis can’t give blessings. Today, they bless you and, tomorrow, they themselves die! Look how many Popes have been and gone. There are also the thrones of the gurus. If a guru dies at a young age, someone else is made into the guru or a young disciple is made into the guru. This BapDada is the Bestower. What would He do with anything that is given to Him? The Father is incorporeal, is He not? It is a corporeal one who would take. This is also something that has to be understood. Never say that you have given something to Shiv Baba. No, we take multimillions from Shiv Baba; we give nothing. The things Baba gives you are countless. Shiv Baba is the Bestower; how could you give to Him? When you think “I gave this” body consciousness comes. We are taking from Shiv Baba. Baba has so many children who come to stay here, so facilities are needed for them. This means that you are giving for yourself. He doesn’t need to do anything for Himself. He gives you the kingdom. This is why you do everything. He makes you even higher than Himself, yet you forget such a Father! For half the cycle you are worthy of worship and for half the cycle you are worshippers. By becoming worthy of worship you become the masters of the land of happiness. Then, by becoming worshippers, you become the masters of the land of sorrow. No one knows when the Father comes and establishes heaven. Only you Brahmins of the confluence age know these things. Baba explains everything so well and yet it doesn’t sit in your intellects. You also have to explain with tact in the same way as Baba explains. Make effort and become as elevated as them. The Father explains to you children that you have to imbibe divine virtues very well. Never sulk about anything. Never make your face like that of a corpse. The Father says: Now, don’t perform such actions. There is a mela for the Goddess Chandika (Cremator Goddess). Anyone who doesn’t follow the Father’s directions is called Chandika. There is also a mela of such Chandikas who cause suffering. Human beings are ignorant. They don’t understand the meaning of this. No one has any strength; they are completely hollow inside. When you remember Baba very well, you receive strength from the Father. However, even while living here, the intellects of many of you wander

outside. This is why Baba says: Sit in front of the pictures and your intellect will remain busy with them. When you explain to others the pictures of the cycle and the ladder, tell them: There are very few human beings in the golden age. There are now so many human beings. The Father says: I inspire the establishment of the new world through Brahma and destruction of the old world. Sit and practise in this way. Your mouth will automatically open. Whatever is going on inside definitely has to come outside. You are not dumb. When you’re at home your mouth is able to open in order to shout, yet you can’t open it to speak knowledge. Everyone can be given these pictures. You have to have the courage to bring benefit to those in your home. Decorate your room with the pictures and you will remain busy. That will become like your library. In order to bring benefit to others you should put up these pictures. Explain to whoever comes and you can do plenty of service. Even if they only hear a little knowledge they can become subjects. Baba shows you many ways to make progress. Remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. Otherwise, even if you take a dip in the Ganges, your sins can’t be absolved. All of that is blind faith. Even at Haridwar all the rubbish of the whole city falls into the Ganges. So much rubbish flows into the ocean. There is so much rubbish in the rivers too. How could anyone become pure in that? Maya has made everyone completely senseless! The Father tells you children: Remember Me. You souls also called out: O Purifier, come. You have physical fathers of your bodies. Only the one Father is the Purifier. You must now remember the Father who purifies you. The Bestower of Liberation-in-Life is only One and no one else. No one understands the meaning of such easy things. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Practise only allowing jewels of knowledge to emerge from your lips. Never allow thorns or stones to emerge from them. In order to bring benefit to yourself and your family, decorate your home with the pictures. Churn the ocean of knowledge and use the pictures to explain to others. Remain busy doing this.

2. Instead of asking for blessings from the Father, follow His elevated directions. The greatness is of Shiv Baba! Therefore, only remember Him. Don’t have any arrogance of having given so much to Baba.


May you be constantly double light and remain stable in the highest stage while performing ordinary action.

The Father takes an ordinary body and speaks and walks in the same way as you do; even though the actions are ordinary, His stage is always the highest. Similarly, let the stage of you children always remain the highest. Before performing any ordinary actions become double light and remain stable in the highest stage. Always remain aware that you have incarnated as an incarnation in order to perform elevated actions and those ordinary actions will then change into alokik actions.


Those who practise having soul-conscious vision and attitude are easily able to imbibe purity.


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