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30/08/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 21/1/80

The way to reveal the Father

Today, BapDada is seeing the practical embodiments of God’s knowledge, that is, He is seeing the practical double forms of the children. One form is of you children who are Maya-proof, and the other form is the proof of your elevated lives, your Brahmin lives, your highest-on-high alokik lives, your Godly lives. The proof of this elevated knowledge is your elevated lives. So Baba was seeing the double-proof children. By constantly considering yourselves to be practical examples or proof of Godly knowledge, you will remain constantly Maya-proof. If there is any weakness in a visible example, no one would then accept the challenge you issue of God’s knowledge, because, in today’s age of science, people want to understand everything through practical examples or proof. They do not have faith in something just by hearing or being told about it. In order to have faith in God’s knowledge, they want to see the practical proof. The practical proof is in the lives of all of you. Your lives should reveal the speciality that none of the great or wise souls have been able to show or create in their own lives up to now. Things that were impossible have been made possible by you practical examples of God’s knowledge. The greatest impossibility that you have made possible is to live at home together and yet, through your attitude, remain totally beyond, to live together at home and yet remain beyond your bodies and bodily relations. To remain beyond your old attitude means to remain detached from your past attitude. This is known as having an attitude beyond. You are not really living in your household (pravruti), but having an attitude that is beyond (par vruti). Whilst you see the body you are only aware of the soul. Whilst coming into contact with your lokik (worldly) relatives, you maintain brotherly relations. It means that whilst seeing the things of this old world with the eyes of your old bodies, you do not see anything. Those who live in their households in this way, that is, those who lead completely pure lives are said to be the proof of God’s knowledge. Whereas even mahatmas believe this to be impossible, those who are following this knowledge given by God experience it to be very easy. Those people say that it is impossible, whereas you say that it is very easy. You don’t just say this, but you do this in practice and demonstrate this to the world. Even now, the first and second number beads of the rosary of devotees feel that it is extremely difficult to find God. They don’t even have a guarantee that they will find God after many births. They consider a vision of one second to be a great attainment. They consider it impossible for God to belong to them in a practical way or for God to make them belong to Him. They say that this is impossible practically and become disheartened. However, none of you think of this as being impossible; you all sit at home and experience claiming your rights every cycle. They believe it is impossible to meet God, whereas you consider it to be your right to meet God. A life in which you have all rights is a life that is full of all treasures given by the Father. This life that you experience practically is a special example and proof of God’s knowledge. To say “God” means to say “Father” and the proof of a relationship with the Father is an inheritance. The relationship between great and enlightened souls (mahatmas) is one of brothers. They do not think of God as the Father and this is why they have no inheritance. Great and enlightened souls are brothers; God is not the Father for them. This is why, even though they are searching for their imperishable inheritance, they are unable to experience it. The easy proof of God’s knowledge is the attainment of an inheritance in your lives. This imperishable knowledge and the experience of a life of attainment can reveal God. So, you are the special examples.
Do you have the determined thought to reveal the Father in the New Year? All of you have this thought, do you not? So, the way to reveal the Father is to become double-proof. So, check yourselves to see whether the practical proof of both your purity and attainment are imperishable. Limited souls are only able to give limited attainments, whereas the eternal Father gives an imperishable attainment. A meeting with God and the speciality of God’s knowledge are imperishable. So, you are imperishable, are you not? Although you say that you are effort-makers, the speciality of attaining something from God is that, as soon as you make effort, you receive the reward of that in practice. It is not just that your confluence-aged life is your life of making effort and that your golden-aged life is your life of experiencing the reward. The speciality of the confluence age is that, when you take one step, you receive a reward of a thousand steps. In no other age do you have the fortune of receiving multimillion-fold return of one. This line of your fortune is drawn by the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, Himself, through Father Brahma. This is why Brahma is also known as the Bestower of Fortune. It is said: Were you sleeping when Brahma was distributing fortune? The speciality of the confluence age is of making effort and receiving the reward simultaneously. In fact, to have the special attainment of the Father at this time is a far greater reward than what you receive in the golden age.
The reward you receive at the present time is to have all your relationships directly with God, whereas that future reward is to have your relationships with deity souls. You do understand this and were also told about the difference between the attainment of the present time and the future. You are not just effort-makers, but those who receive an elevated reward. Do you take every step whilst considering yourselves to be this? Simply to say that you are an effort-maker means to become careless and thus deprive yourself of your reward and attainment. Remain constantly aware of your reward in front of you. By remaining aware of your reward, you will easily experience the ascending stage. Remain constant embodiments of the awareness of the specialities of the confluence age and you will thereby become special souls.
Whilst moving along, some children find this path difficult. Sometimes, they feel it is easy and at other times, they feel it is difficult. Sometimes, they dance in happiness and at other times, they just sit down, disheartened. Sometimes, they sing praise of the Father and at other times they just sing: “Why?” and “What?” Sometimes they turn the beads of the rosary of pure thoughts and the attainment of all treasures, and at other times, when influenced by storms of waste thoughts, they turn the beads of the rosary of: “This is difficult! This is difficult!” What is the reason for this? They consider themselves to be simply effort- makers and forget the reward. They keep the things that they have to renounce in front of themselves and they keep the things that they have to take behind them. Put the things you have to renounce behind you and keep the things you have to take in front of you. You would never step backwards when you take something; you always step forward. To remain aware of “taking” means to remain present in front of the Father. You sing a lot more the praise of renouncing something. “I have done this! I am doing this! I am going to do this!”. You think far more about all of that than of what you are receiving or what reward you are creating for yourself. This is why the weight of all your waste becomes much heavier than the weight of pure thoughts. Then, instead of your stage ascending, the burden automatically brings you down, that is, you go in the descending stage. You then forget how to sing the song “I have attained everything I wanted to attain”. When you forget this one song, you start to choke in many different ways. When you continue to sing that song, your choking and nodding off will both stop. Worldly songs wake you up, do they not? Therefore, continue to sing this imperishable song, “I have attained everything I wanted to attain”, and dance in the intoxication of your attainment. Continue to sing and dance and the choking and nodding off will then finish and through the practical example of being double proof you will reveal the Father. The way to reveal the Father is to become a living mobile museum of the practical proof and a mobile projector. Become an exhibition of good character development. There can be many such exhibitions and museums at many different places. There will then be less expenditure and greater result of service. You yourselves have to become exhibitions as well as guides. Nowadays, people have mobile libraries and exhibitions. If all of you Brahmins were to become mobile exhibitions and museums, revelation would very soon take place! Do you understand? This year so many moving (mobile) exhibitions and projectors should travel everywhere in the world that they will become economical advertisements. You will not have to spend anything; but people will come forward to meet your expenses. Then, instead of incurring expense, you will receive a reward.
Gujarat is very large. Its population is large in any case. Now, become big in a practical way and show everyone. The land of Gujarat is fertile. Powerful seeds are sown where the land is fertile. “Powerful seeds” means seeds of heir-quality souls. Therefore, sow the seeds of heir-quality souls and let the fruit emerge. “Fruit-bearing land” means land that gives the highest quality fruit. The quantity is very good. You also have quality, but let there now be much more quality. Each quality soul has to give the proof of creating an heir. Such souls can easily emerge in Gujarat. The quantity has increased and so the heirs have become hidden. Now reveal them. Do all of you from Gujarat understand what you have to do? Others will bring souls into contact, but you have to enable them to forge a relationship and then you will become number one. You have been told the plan for this year. Up to now, you have been busy in increasing the number. When the variety tree grows, its seed disappears, but, at the end, you are left with the seeds again. You have been busy increasing the quantity. Now, once again, let the seeds, that is, the heir-quality souls emerge. Whatever you did at the beginning, you now have to do again. Achcha.
To those who constantly dance in happiness and sing songs of their attainment, to those who experience the practical reward of what they do, to those who make themselves into practical examples and thereby reveal the Father, to the elevated souls who are double proof, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups:
1. Your aim in this Brahmin life is to change from an ordinary human being into Lakshmi or Narayan. So, do you remain constantly aware of your future deity image with all the divine virtues? Never forget your aim. Do you remain constantly aware of your image of an embodiment of all divine virtues? Lakshmi is portrayed as the Goddess of Wealth and Narayan as the Lord of the Kingdom. Lakshmi is called the Goddess of Wealth – not physical wealth, but a goddess of the wealth of knowledge that you have received. All of you are also goddesses of wealth, are you not? A goddess of wealth would be constantly full of all treasures. What has each of you been receiving as your birthright from the moment you took birth as a Brahmin? You have been receiving the treasures of knowledge and powers. So, do you keep what is rightfully yours with you or do you keep them in a bank? If you keep them in a bank, you do not experience that happiness. To keep your jewels in a bank means not to use them, but to put them away. The more you use them, the greater will be the happiness you experience. There is no danger in keeping these jewels with you. Since you have to become great donors and bestowers of blessings, how can you keep them in a locker? Therefore, every day, examine the jewels you have received and use them for yourself and others. To be a great donor means to be constantly donating. To do this one day but not for another month after that is not called being a great donor. To be a great donor means to be constantly donating; it means to be constantly overflowing. Just as the Father’s treasure-store is always open; He gives you treasures every day, so, it is also the duty of you children to give treasures every day. When you keep this treasure-store open, thieves will not enter, but if you keep it closed, thieves will break in. The more locks that are made, the more thieves there are. Previously, when there weren’t that many thieves, your treasures used to remain unlocked. Therefore, let your treasure-store remain constantly open. Put a full stop to everything that has happened up to now. Do not think about what happened in the past. This is known as making intense effort. When you think of the past, you waste your time, energy and thoughts. There is now no longer any time to waste anything. If you waste two moments or even two seconds of the confluence age, you have then wasted many years. Do you know the value of the confluence age? How many years is one second of the confluence age equal to? So, you wouldn’t have wasted just one or two seconds, but many years. Therefore, now put a full-stop. Those who know how to put a full stop will remain constantly full.

2. Do you constantly make others progress through your good wishes? No matter what souls are like, constantly have good wishes for each of them. Good wishes will bring you success. Have you experienced serving through your good wishes? To have good wishes means to be merciful. The Father has mercy for those who defame Him. Similarly, no matter what the soul in front of you is like, you can transform that soul with your merciful attitude and good wishes. Since scientists are able to transform a desert into farmland with their power of science, can those who have the power of silence not transform this world? Even just a thought can create a world. Therefore, constantly have good wishes to transform this land. Continue to transform the land with the vibrations of your ascending stage. Through your self- transformation, the land will automatically be transformed. You are those who plough the earth, not those who become tired. Those who plough the fields are tireless; they are able to transform barren land into green pastures. Therefore, do not become disheartened. When you remain happy hearted, your happiness will automatically attract everyone. Achcha.


May you become an elevated and a great soul who is constantly worthy of being worshipped by using the method of unending (constant) yoga.

Nowadays, souls who are said to be great souls are given names such as ‘Akhandanand’ (one who is constantly blissful), but you are in fact the ones who are ‘akhand’ (unending, constant) in everything – akhand in bliss, akhand in happiness. Simply do not allow yourselves to be influenced by company. Seeing and hearing about the weaknesses of others, don’t care about them and you will become akhand yogis by using this speciality. Those who are akhand yogis are the ones who become constantly worthy of being worshipped. You are such great souls who remain worthy of being worshipped for half the cycle and, for the other half cycle, your non-living images are worshipped.


A divine intellect is the basis of the power of silence.


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