bk murli

Murli 13 August 2015

Sweet children, the Father only loves you children. It is to reform you children alone that the Father gives you shrimat. Constantly follow God’s directions and make yourself pure.


When and with which methods will peace be established in the world?


You know that there will be peace in the world only after the Mahabharat War. However, you have to prepare yourself for that in advance. Make effort to make your stage karmateet. Churn the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world and become completely pure by having remembrance of the Father. Only then will this world be transformed.


Human beings of today are in darkness.

Essence for Dharna:

1. In order to imbibe knowledge, become pure and clean the vessel of your intellect. Don’t become a cockerel gyani who can only crow knowledge (someone who doesn’t practise what he preaches).

2. Surrender everything you have directly to the Father. Follow shrimat and claim a royal status for 21 births.


May you be an elevated soul who constantly moves forward with the blessing of sweetness.

Sweetness is such a special inculcation that it even makes a bitter land sweet. Give someone sweet drishti for a few moments, speak a few sweet words and you will make that soul full for all time. Two moments of sweet drishti or a few sweet words will transform that soul’s world; your few sweet words will become instrumental in transforming that one for all time. Therefore, always keep the blessing of sweetness with you. Remain constantly sweet and make everyone sweet.


Remain happy (raazi) in every situation and you will become one who knows all secrets (raazyukt).


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