bk murli

Murli 12 August 2015

Sweet children, instil knowledge into your intellects and hold classes among yourselves. Bring benefit to yourselves and others and continue to earn a true income.


What arrogance should you children never have?


Some children become arrogant and say, “What can these little kumaris teach us?” When their senior sister has to go away somewhere, some sulk and stop coming to class. This is an obstacle from Maya. Baba says: Children, don’t look at the name and form of the teacher who is reading the murli. Listen to the murli in remembrance of the Father. Don’t become arrogant.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Pay attention while listening to the murli that your intellect’s yoga does not wander anywhere else. Remain constantly aware that you are listening to Shiv Baba’s elevated versions. This too is the pilgrimage of remembrance.

2. Examine yourself to see that you have knowledge, yoga and divine virtues within you. I don’t have the evil spirit of greed, do I? Do I perform sinful actions due to the influence of Maya?


May you gain victory over all your limited desires and thereby become conqueror of lust and a conqueror of the world.

The progeny of the vice of lust are all limited desires. One is a desire for certain things, second is a desire for some limited attainment from other people, third is in fulfilling relationships and fourth is the consciousness of limited desires in the desire to serve. To think that when you are especially attracted to a person or thing, that that is not a desire but that you just like him or it is also a trace of the vice of lust. When this subtle progeny finishes, you will be said to be a conqueror of lust and a conqueror of the world


With realisation in the heart, become one who has a right to claim blessings from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.

Om Shanti


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